What To Wear And Avoid On The Golf Course

Golf is a sport that requires a particular dress code, especially when playing on a golf course. Knowing what to wear on the golf course can be confusing and intimidating for newcomers or experienced players. It is important to take time to find suitable clothing, as wearing something inappropriate could cause offense and ultimately ruin your game. Here we will guide appropriate attire for the golf course, helping you to look and feel confident while playing your best game of golf. 

Tops/Shirts Rules

“Golf is one of the few sports where a white man can dress like a black pimp not look bad”- Robin Williams

When it comes to choosing a top or shirt to wear on the golf course, there are a few general guidelines to follow:

What to wear:

  • Wear a collared shirt, such as a polo shirt made of polyester blends, cotton, or microfiber, and tuck them into your bottoms. These are standard attire for golfers. They are considered appropriate and professional.
  • On summer or hot days, ladies should wear sleeveless golf shirts.
  • Wear appropriate colors. You can wear various colors on the golf course, but avoiding anything too loud or distracting is best.

What to avoid:

  • Avoid un-tucked and ill-fitting shirts. 
  • For ladies: Avoid tank tops, tube tops, t-shirts, halters, and bathing suit tops, and don’t show cleavage.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”- Coco Chanel

It is always best to check with the golf course or tournament organizer for their specific dress code and rules. Some tournaments have strict dress codes, like no T-shirts, shorts, jeans, etc.

Outerwear Rules

What to wear:

  • Dress for the cool weather: Collard button-down shirts, light jackets or windbreakers, sweaters, and vests. 

What to avoid:

  • Avoid layering with denim Jackets, sweatshirts, or hoodies.
  • Avoid clothing that is too tight or restrictive. Outerwear should not be too tight or restrictive, as it can impede your swing.
  • Avoid clothing with offensive images or language.

Bottom Rules

What to wear:

  • Wear golf pants, shorts, and skirts which don’t restrict your movement. The material of the pants, shirts, and skirts should be fabric that gives your skin to breathe and wicks away moisture.
  • Wear pants that should touch the top of your shoes, and the skirts should fall to just above the kneecaps.
  • If you are ladies, you can wear various skirts, skorts, and dresses that must suit your mid-thigh and the knee and no more than two inches above the knee.

What to avoid:

  • Don’t wear sweatpants, yoga pants, other athletic pants, denim, cargo shorts, or jeans.
  • Don’t wear pants or shorts that are too long, sloppy, tight, or short. And do not add cuffs or creases for a fashion purposes with pants or shots.
  • Ladies do not wear booty shorts or mini skirts. 

Shoe Rules

What to wear:

  • Wear specific golf shoes designed with spikeless outsoles and non-metal spikes. The material of the shoes must be hard rubber and plastic. 
  • Wear a golf shoe that must give you comfort, stability, balance, and others that reach you to earn a better score.

What to avoid:

  • Don’t wear metal spikes, boots, street shoes, or sandals.

Accessories Rules

What to wear:

  • Wear moisture-absorbent golf socks that match your feet and pants/shorts, and do not rise above the ankles.
  • For sunny days you can wear a straw hat, cool cap, or visor that protects you from heat.
  • Wear ideal sunglasses that should include lenses blocking ultraviolet light, reducing glare, and offering enhanced ball visibility in flight. Additionally, frames should be lightweight and comfortable while still being able to remain securely fixed in place during vigorous physical activity.
  • Wear a watch that should feature a waterproof, sweatproof countdown timer and hole advance mode, allowing the user to track their progress while playing. Additionally, some watches come equipped with GPS technology, which can be extremely helpful in determining distances between points or tracking one’s trajectory throughout a given round.
  • Wear a belt that must Match your shirt or pants.

What to avoid:

  • Don’t wear any hats that may obstruct your field of vision when engaging in the sport. This includes baseball caps, cowboy hats, beanies, and other brimmed hats, which could interfere with their ability to carefully track the golf ball’s trajectory and observe the green’s contours. 


The clothing you wear while golfing is essential to enjoying and succeeding at the game. Whether you go with the more traditional look of khakis and a collared shirt or decide to put your spin on it with bright colors and patterns, make sure to stay comfortable, be respectful of other players, and wear something that allows for free movement. Always check your course’s dress code before setting foot on the green. 

Note: If you need clarification on any appropriate attire rules, then communicate with the country club or check their website. 

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