What Things Male Golfers Could Learn From LPGA

As avid golfers, we all share a deep passion for the sport that transcends gender boundaries. While the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) tournaments have traditionally taken center stage, a wealth of inspiration is waiting to be uncovered by the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). 

The remarkable skills and unwavering determination exhibited by female golfers on the LPGA tour offer invaluable lessons that can resonate with golfers of all backgrounds. This article embarks on a journey of exploration, shedding light on the insights male golfers can glean from the LPGA’s unique attributes.

By delving into the world of women’s golf, we can refine our techniques, enhance our mental fortitude, and foster a more inclusive golfing community. Join me as we uncover the hidden gems of the LPGA, learning how these lessons can transform our approach to the game we love and shape us into more versatile and accomplished golfers.

22 Things Male Golfers Can Learn From The LPGA

1. The angle of attack with the driver

LPGA Players’ average angle of attack with a driver is around plus-2 or plus-3 degrees, Outstanding! On the other hand, PGA players are around clubhead level and sometimes downgrade it to minus-1 degree. So, male golfers must learn from LPGA players in this area. If you want to improve in this area, check out the video resources I have provided below:

2. Strait hitting shots

I will give you some interesting information. In straight hitting, girls are leading the survey so far. In 2015, famous LPGA Tour player Mo Martin hit 92 percent of her fairways, while PGA Tour player Francesco Molinari hit 76 percent. As of 2023, his accuracy is 88.9%, while Russell Henley’s is 71.74%. Male golfers can learn from LPGA Tour players to master hitting so straight.

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3. Making friends

In my honest experiences, I see LPGA players are more friendly than PGA golfers. Male golfers can take a lesson from them. 

4. Swing techniques

Every golfer should remember to learn swing techniques from professional golfers to improve their game. You can have the best golf simulator on the market to track and evaluate your swing, but it will be different from learning from the pros.

LPGA players consistently hit the ball with accuracy. In doing so, they employ unique techniques that male golfers can learn from. LPGA players use the “Gravity Golf” technique to achieve efficient tension-free swings consistently. Male golfers can perform this technique.

LPGA players swing their clubs in the right path with a tension-free position so male golfers can learn this. It requires good time, hard work, and concentration. Once a golfer achieves it, he can swing more efficiently and smoothly. 

LPGA players focus on consistent and deliberate practice that makes them more powerful. Male golfers can achieve it through prominent LPGA golfer’s books, videos, how they practice, regular practicing, and short game techniques. 

5. Tee it Forward

LPGA setups range is 6,300-6,700 yards. It could be the same as the white tees. Male golfers can try to shoot there regularly to improve their game. 

6. Swing Speed

LPGA players are ahead of men in average swing speed. Male golfers can still learn a lot from them. The average swing speed of an LPGA player is 94 mph swing speed. At the same time, the male golfer’s swing speed is 93.4mph. 

The average male swings the club as fast as the average LPGA Tour player, or about 94 mph. One reason (of many) he’ll get whipped is he insists on carrying long irons when he’d be better off with more fairway woods and hybrids.

Source: Golf Digest

Pro Tips: Golfers who want to improve their performance with slower swing speeds should use special slow-swing-speed golf balls. You will notice the difference. These golf balls are designed to increase distance and control without expending too much power.

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7. Pitch-and-Run Shots

LPGA players often employ pitch-and-run shots around the green to control trajectory and distance with various clubs. Male golfers can benefit by practicing pitch-and-run shots to expand their short-game options, especially when the high loft isn’t necessary. See the video and take lesson from Nathalie Filler.

8. Greenside Bump-and-Runs

LPGA players frequently use bump-and-run shots with a lower-lofted club to navigate tricky lies and achieve consistent roll on the green. Male golfers can add bump-and-run shots to their repertoire, allowing them to manage difficult lies better and maintain better control over their shots.

9. Precision Putting

LPGA players emphasize precise putting by reading greens meticulously, controlling the pace, and maintaining consistent stroke mechanics. Male golfers can improve their putting by dedicating time to reading greens, developing a reliable putting routine, and refining their distance control.

10. Focus on legs

Dave Phillips says, “You see, LPGA Tour players score a lot of swings because they can turn better than men, and they have a great ability to create torque.” So, male golfers observe and understand how they do this. 

11. Hybrid Shots Around the Green

LPGA players often use hybrids or fairway woods for chip shots around the green, offering more roll and control. Make golfers experiment with hybrid shots to navigate various lies and achieve better results when standard wedges could be better.

12. Mental Routine Before Shots

LPGA players have mental routines that help them focus before each shot, enabling them to visualize and execute more effectively. Male golfers can incorporate mental routines into pre-shot routines to enhance focus, visualization, and decision-making under pressure.

13. Intermediate Target Alignment

LPGA players use an intermediate target closer to the ball for alignment, which aids in aiming accurately. Male golfers can adopt this technique to improve alignment and ensure their clubface is aimed correctly before each shot.

14. Calm Pre-Shot Routine

LPGA players maintain a calm and deliberate pre-shot routine, helping them manage nerves and maintain consistency. Learning: PGA golfers can develop a composed pre-shot routine that promotes relaxation and consistency, reducing the impact of anxiety.

15. Imagination in Shot-Making

LPGA players use creative shot-making to navigate challenging situations, visualizing unique shots to execute under pressure. Male golfers can cultivate creativity by practicing various shots during practice rounds, expanding their shot-making arsenal.

16. Focus on Controlled Iron Shots

LPGA players prioritize controlled iron shots that land softly and stick on greens, enhancing scoring opportunities. Male golfers can refine their iron play by practicing controlled shots, prioritizing accuracy, and stopping power. See the three golf experts “Control Your Iron Shots Golf Lesson” video now.

17. Balanced Swing Tempo

LPGA players exhibit balanced and rhythmic swing tempos, leading to consistent ball-striking. Learning: PGA golfers can work on maintaining a smooth and balanced swing tempo to improve overall swing mechanics and shot consistency.

18. Consistent Pre-shot Routines 

LPGA stars like Lydia Ko have perfected the art of a pre-shot routine. This routine sets the foundation for consistency in their shots. It involves visualizing the shot, taking a deep breath, setting the feet, and executing the swing. By developing a consistent and personal pre-shot routine, golfers can create a reliable framework that allows them to execute shots more effectively, irrespective of the situation.

19. Course Management Skills 

Strategic players like Inbee Park are known for their impeccable course management. Instead of always going for aggressive play, they understand when to take risks and play it safe, factoring in course conditions, their position in the tournament, and their strengths and weaknesses. This strategic approach ensures they maximize opportunities and minimize mistakes. For golfers looking to elevate their game, focusing on course management can lead to fewer wasted shots and better overall scores.

20. Physical Fitness and Endurance

Physical fitness has become a significant aspect of the modern golfer’s routine. Players like Brooke Henderson have shown that being physically fit can greatly influence performance on the course. A strong core, flexibility, and endurance aid in producing powerful shots and maintaining consistency throughout a round. Incorporating fitness routines specifically tailored for golf can help players of all levels enhance their game.

21. Attention to Detail 

LPGA professionals pay meticulous attention to every aspect of their game. Every detail is a little small, whether it’s the intricacies of their grip, the minute adjustments to their stance, or even the specific ball they choose to play. This precision is something every golfer can learn from.

22. Technological Advancements

With the evolution of technology, many LPGA players are utilizing tools like swing analyzers, launch monitors, and performance-tracking apps. Players like Danielle Kang often use these technologies to fine-tune their game. Embracing this technology can provide invaluable feedback, allowing golfers to understand their game better and make necessary adjustments. Integrating modern tools into practice sessions can give male players an edge over their competition.

Final Thoughts

Precision, consistency, and adaptability are what LPGA golfers dominate and are at the root of their success. If male golfers pay attention to these seam areas, they will also be ahead in their sport of choice. The LPGA’s emphasis on community engagement and its collaborative approach to promoting golf can inspire male golfers to unite in similar efforts to expand the game’s influence. 

Moreover, the LPGA’s dedication to innovation and adapting to changing times provides a blueprint for male golfers to stay relevant and appealing to modern audiences. By adopting these principles and values, male golfers can enhance their careers and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the sport they love. Ultimately, embracing the lessons of the LPGA could lead to a more inclusive, exciting, and vibrant future for golf on all levels.

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