What Is The Longest Golf Drive Ever Hit?  

Golf is a sport that requires precision, skill, and technique. One of the most exciting aspects of golf is hitting a long drive off the tee. A golf drive, or a tee shot, is the first shot a player takes on a hole, usually played from a tee box.

Golf drive is also a multi-million-dollar business in the united states. While many golfers strive to hit a long drive, few have beaten the most extended drives in golf history. 

The distance of a long drive is often measured in yards, and the golfers who have hit these record-breaking shots have become legends in the sport. In this article, I will explore the question of the longest golf drive ever plugged in and look at some golfers who have achieved this incredible feat. 

What Is The Longest Golf Drive Ever Hit?

The longest golf drive in professional competition(US National Seniors Open Championship) is 515 yards (471 meters), achieved by Mike Austin at the Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1974. Mike Austin’s swings are notable, and his swing is taught and practised by current professional golfers. 

Another longest drive in official record is 551 yards achieved by Mike Dobbyn. 

Longest Golf Drive in PGA TOUR

  • A 2017 PGA Tour survey found that 115 top golfers had an average longest golf drive of 290 yards or more.
  • Maude-Aimee Leblan, one of the biggest hitters in the female tour, hit the longest 280 yards on average. 
  • Watson’s drive average of 315.2 yards in 2011 was the longest drive in professional golf.
  • On the 2019 PGA Tour, the average driving distance was 293.8 yards.
  • In 2022 Cameron champ and Rory Mcllroy’s average scores are 321.4 and 320.4 yards, respectively. 
  • According to the PGA tour stats, Rory Mcllory is the leader of the longest drive; his average score is 328.7. 
  • In the 2002 Mercedes Championships, Tiger Woods’s 498-yard is the longest drive in PGA Tour history. 

Other Longest Drive

Aside from PGA Tour professionals like Jamie Sadlowski ( Two-time) and Mike Dobbyn, some players regularly hit 400 yards with a swing speed of 220 mph. They play in long-drive competitions like the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. 

What is the secret behind Mike Austin’s longest golf drive ever?

Mike Austin’s record for the longest golf drive ever hit is legendary and has been the subject of much speculation and study. While there is no one secret to hitting such a remarkable shot, several factors likely contributed to Austin’s ability to hit the ball so far.


Mike Austin had a unique and powerful swing technique that he honed over many years of practice and experimentation. He focused on generating maximum clubhead speed through a combination of lower body rotation, a full shoulder turn, and a late release of the club head.


Austin’s swing had impeccable timing, allowing him to transfer his weight smoothly from his back to his front foot and generate maximum power through impact.


Austin used a 43.5″ steel shaft (weighed 115–125 grams) persimmon wood driver, a popular choice for golfers in the 1970s. This driver helped him generate historical clubhead speed. 


Mike hit the shot at around 3,000 feet (914 meters) in Las Vegas, which likely helped the ball carry farther due to the lower air resistance.

While all of these factors played a role in Austin’s remarkable feat, it’s worth noting that hitting such a long drive requires a great deal of skill, strength, and practice. Austin spent years refining his technique and experimenting with different swing mechanics to achieve maximum distance. His record still stands as a testament to his skill and dedication.

5 Tips To Hit Longest Drive In Golf

Hitting the most extended drives in golf is a common goal for many golfers. Here are the five things that can help you beat the most extended purposes:

Improve your swing technique.

Your golf swing is the foundation of your game, and improving your technique can help you hit the ball farther. Focus on keeping your backswing smooth, your downswing powerful, and your follow-through balanced. A proper swing will help you generate more clubhead speed, translating to longer drives.

Increase your flexibility

Golf requires a lot of rotational movement, and being more flexible can help you generate more power and speed in your swing. Incorporating stretching and mobility exercises into your routine can improve flexibility and help you hit the ball farther.

Strengthen your core and glutes: 

A strong core and glutes can help you maintain a stable base during your swing and transfer more power to the ball. Exercises like planks, crunches, and squats can help you build strength in these areas.

Use the right equipment.

The right golf clubs can make a big difference in the distance you can hit the ball. Choose clubs with the correct loft and shaft flex to increase clubhead speed, swing and make sure your driver has a large enough sweet spot to give you more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Practice regularly

Hitting longer drives requires consistent practice and dedication. Make sure you practice your swing regularly and get feedback from a golf instructor. Focusing on these areas can improve your distance off the tee and help you enjoy a more rewarding golf game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bryson DeChambeau’s longest drive ever?

Bryson DeChambeau, the professional golfer known for his impressive power off the tee, has hit many long drives in his career. However, his longest drive ever in competition at Moonlight Basin in Montana is a 480-yard drive on the par-5 777-yard eighth hole. 

During the 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic, DeChambeau hit a 380-yard drive on the 13th hole of the Detroit Golf Club, the longest drive of the tournament. He has also hit several other drives over 350 yards during competition, demonstrating his impressive strength and distance.

What is Jack Nicklaus’ longest drive ever?

Jack Nicklaus is a former professional golfer widely considered one of the greatest players ever. One of the longest drives that Nicklaus is known to have hit was a 341-yard drive during the 1963 PGA Championship at the Dallas Athletic Club. This drive helped him secure the victory. He became famous for being hit by a persimmon driver and wounding a golf ball, the standard equipment at the time.

In another famous drive, during the 1971 U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club, Nicklaus hit a 1-iron shot on the par-4 18th hole that traveled approximately 238 yards and landed within two feet of the hole, setting up a birdie that helped him win the tournament.

Who hits the longest drive on tour?

Davis Love III holds the record for the longest official drive in PGA Tour history, which occurred in 2004 at the 16th hole of the Plantation Course at Kapalua during the Mercedes Championships. The hole is downhill and downwind, allowing Love’s drive to travel an incredible 476 yards (435 meters), the longest recorded drive in PGA Tour history.


The longest golf drive ever hit is an impressive feat that many players have achieved over the years. From the likes of Sean Fister to Mike Austin, these players have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in golf and demonstrated that hard work and dedication pay off. With technological advances, future players will likely continue to break world records for the longest drive. The challenge is to see who can hit the next record-breaking drive.

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