How To Use A Golf Rangefinder

If you are asked if you own a rangefinder? Or not the owner, but why? The first answer might be that it is too expensive or you need to be a better golfer. Or you’re not interested in playing in a big tournament because it might cost too much. Depending on the individual, there may be different concerns.

If you want to take your golf game seriously, and want good distance and accuracy, then a rangefinder is a must for you.

The ultimate purpose of using a rangefinder in golf is to gain high accuracy from where you stand to a target. 

You must use a golf rangefinder to make accurate shots and adjust distance, and you know how to do it if you need to know how. Your confidence will increase as you see your game improve through the rangefinder. This article will describe how to use a golf rangefinder with high accuracy, different situations, and proper methods. 

Different Types of Golf Rangefinder And How They Work

There are currently three types of rangefinders to improve your golf game. They are:

  • GPS based rangefinder
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Hybrid rangefinders

Below we will explain in details:

GPS Rangefinder

GPS refers to the “Global Positioning System.” GPS work by the satellite network. In golf, a GPS rangefinder establishes the distance from your location to your target using a network of satellites. After determining your distance GPS rangefinder calculates where the device is and extrapolates the distance to the target. Using satellite mapping Garmin Approach Z82 and others offer an overview of the course layout. You can see a full-color courseview, distances to the front and back of the green, and a green view overlay in 2-D for the hole you’re playing. 

You must ensure that the course mapping is loaded on your device before playing on the particular course. Some GPS rangefinders are preloaded with thousands of courses, and other need to download from their website. It would help if you bought a rangefinder that was preloaded. If you buy the best GPS rangefinder, you will get more than expected. Some features of a Good GPS rangefinder:

  • Preloaded more than 30 or 40 thousand plus score
  • Pin distances of each hole
  • Provide more detail, including distances to hazards
  • Affordable price

Laser Rangefinder

A laser rangefinder uses a laser beam aimed at a target to determine its distance, which is beamed onto a pin-like target reflected in the rangefinder. After this reflection, the rangefinder measures the distance and provides the result. 

Some laser rangefinders use ‘an inclinometer’ and some ‘PinSeeker systems to determine distance. As in the ‘inclinometer’ system, the slope is determined by the distance from the reflection surface after the laser beam returns to the device. On the other hand, ‘PinSeeker’ allows the system to focus only on the pin without background objects. These laser rangefinders are equipped with up to five times magnification lenses.

The big advantage of a laser rangefinder is that it is user-friendly, flexible, and slightly more accurate than GPS rangefinders, allowing pin and distance to any object and no need to download course maps where some GPS rangefinders require.

But in this case, you have to use your vision well, and some objects, like trees, pillars, etc., can create obstacles.

Hybrid Rangefinder

A hybrid rangefinder is a rangefinder that combines GPS and laser technology. It offers the golfer the flexibility of laser sight targeting and the total benefit of GPS satellite course mapping. 

How to Use a Golf Rangefinder

how to use a golf rangefinder

To use a rangefinder on the golf course, you need to take some basic steps, and then it will produce results. You only need to focus on these steps, which we are describing below: 

  • Could you turn it on?
  • Set yourself parallel to your target to get an accurate reading of the distance between you and the target.
  • aim the rangefinder at the ground and aim it at your target
  • Activate the rangefinder
  • Get your yardage

Better press your quick button to measure the distance by aiming at the target. A stable and effective rangefinder is important for obtaining accurate data.

You will breathe comfortably as this will help you to aim steadily. Create a solid base by holding the rangefinder in one hand while breathing comfortably with your elbow on your chest. When you are sure that you are ready to use it, bring the eyepiece up to eye level. Set the maximum target and press the button.

You can select tee and approach shots for aiming your rangefinder, whereas golfers need to use the rangefinder and approach shots on the tee. But if you want a good score or to improve the game, use the rangefinder in both cases.

As a result of using the rangefinder, you determine the distance to hazards, the distance to the landing area, and the distance required to clear the hazards. This will familiarize you with the holes and help you develop a better strategy.

On the other hand, you will get the same interest in the approach shot and get a better idea of the landscape and potential hazards ahead of you. 


All golfers do not use golf rangefinders. This is an aid to improving the game but is not mandatory. The rangefinder will give you a simple, fun, and enjoyable game if you use it correctly. But you cannot depend on it completely.

The last thing is to use it correctly, know the exact distance of the club and enjoy.

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