How To Regrip Golf Clubs? The Ultimate Guide

It is a well-known fact that a good grip enhances golfers’ performance and a bad grip reduces performance. Just as a smart driver should keep a close eye on his car, a golfer should keep an eye on his golf club’s grip to increase his performance.

Golfers often suffer from grip problems. Sometimes it is loose or dirty, which affects a good shot. Don’t you think that your grips get your attention? You should clean the dirty grips and replace the unsuitable grips.

You should pay attention to the golf club grip for your comfort, stability, control, and balance and hold the golf club well. This guide will give you a proper guide on how to regrip golf clubs.

How To Regrip Golf Clubs: Select A Golf Grip

how to regrip golf clubs

A player must pay close attention to the following points to determine the right golf grip.


Select from small, medium, large, and standard-size grips based on your hand size. The build-up allows for more precise fitting within the tape sizes.

The size of the grip is, of course, very important, as it can interfere with your game. For example, if your grip is too wide, it may interfere with proper wrist function. Altogether you get the right grip according to the advice of PG professionals according to the size of your hand. Alternatively, try Lamkin’s interactive grip.


Choosing a good grip will touch your feelings. This will allow you to take a nice shot at the golf club, which is your success at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a beautifully designed golf club grip:

  • There will be no lateral movement during the swing.
  •  You can hold the club tightly.
  •  Find the right balance.


It is very common that for high swing speeds, you need torsion control and high. A strong golf club grip helps you with stability. Players get a lot of fresh feeling when a thin grip touches the club tightly in their hands.

Excessive torque can occur at high swing speeds. However, those whose swing speed is mid-level or lower have fewer torsion control problems. You can use a tight grip with the wrong grip without realizing it. A firm grip is important for stability in your grip.

Weather fact

The grip of the thick corded texture may be best for golfers who are often in wet or humid weather. You will often see golf clubs fly out of the hands of many golfers just because of the grip. So now you must understand the importance of a tight grip. Any movement during the swing can interrupt your shot.

Some players will use the corded grip, which makes them hold the club very tightly. Some polymer and plastic grips get slippery with sweat or hand sweat.

Four Types Of Golf Grips

different types of golf clubs grip

Manufacturers use a variety of synthetic and natural materials to make golf grips. Golfers find balance in torsion resistance, durability, firmness, vibration, etc., which is very important.

There are four types of golf grip: rubber, corded, wrapped, and hybrid.


The most common golf grip is rubber, and the company is the most profitable. Rubber grips are standard on most club sets sold to golfers. Rubber grips are at the top of demand due to their durability of high-quality rubber grips.


Thick corded grips help control traction in adverse weather. Golfers who play in adverse weather conditions, such as hot, humid conditions, often favour the use of corded grip. A corded grip is suitable for players with strong swing speed for their high swings speeds.


The synthetic material grip is less vulnerable to high temperatures and humidity. Manufacturers use synthetic materials in wrapping designs. This type of grip and leather-wrapped grip are both popular.


The structure of the hybrid golf grip is very attractive because it is based on the structure of the hand. The upper part of the grips is firmly corded, and the lower part is soft. This is why many comfortable golfers use it.

How To Regrip Golf Clubs

Regripping golf clubs is a simple and easy process. After a lot of screening, when you select a grip, you will begin the process of regripping golf clubs. And golf clubs can be easily regrouped in minutes.

You can do it for the first time with the help of a PGA professional. You can learn a lot from his regression process and skills. You can find out the details through various questions. Later you can easily regrip your clubs yourself. So we suggest starting with a PGA professional.

And if you are confident about yourself, start your own business. For this, you have to collect the following ingredients:

  • Double-sided grip tape (2 “or 3/4”) and build-up tape 1/64 “if required.
  •  Clean the cloth
  •  Straight blade or utility knife
  •  Deactivating grip solvent
  •  Rubber vice clamps

The importance of rubber vice clamps in preventing rotation and protecting the shaft is undeniable. You must wear hand gloves to avoid contact with the inert solvent. And if your shaft is made of graphite, be sure to use a hook blade.

1 / Pick up the old grip

Hold your club in one hand and cut the grip from the back to the front with the other hand. Or you can do it on the floor. Make sure your body is not cut. Now remove the old cut grip with a clean cloth by hand.

2 / Apply the grip tape

Apply as much grip tape as needed for the shaft. Apply 3/4 “spiral tape from the top of the grip to the end of the grip. Apply a little more tape to the bottom of the shaft and apply 2” tape along the length. And if you want to increase the width of the grip, use build-up tape.

3 / Apply solvent

Use a golf tee to plug the hole in your grip. Now pour the solvent into the place where the grip has been removed. Apply solvent from one end to the other. Now remove the tee, pour the extra solvent, and place a tray at the bottom so that the remaining part remains.

4 / Apply the grip in the right place

While wet, attach the grip to the shaft. Apply the previous grip as accurately as possible. Make sure that the grip does not move back and forth. Let the new grip dry for a few hours.
Finally, go out and play with your club.

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How To Regrip Golf Clubs FAQ

In line with this topic, we will answer some of the most talked about questions about how to regrip golf clubs, giving you more insight into this topic.

How many common household solvents need to regrip golf clubs?

There are many grip solvents such as water, 40, paint thinner, air compressor, and rubber cement. We recommend the three most widely used solvents.


As long as you are using water-soluble tape, use water. Make it adhesive by pouring water inside the grip.

Mineral Spirits and Paint Thinner

Paint thinner and mineral spirits are much cheaper than traditional grip solvents, which you can get from any golf store. Mineral spirits take two to three hours to dry. Make sure not to regrip the club immediately after. And these are flammable substances, so be careful not to go near a fire while using them.


The most widely used solvent in almost everyone’s home is Wd-40. It works well with both standard and double-sided tape. Spray in the tap, push the grip onto the shaft, and do another adjustment if needed.

The paint thinner is flammable, like Wd-40, and it takes a few hours to dry. If you find any on the outside of the grip, then dry it with a towel.

Is it easy to regrip a golf clubs?

Grip the golf club is a straightforward process. If you read this article and try it once, you will find it very easy.

Is it possible to regrip a golf clubs at home?

Yes, it can be done by collecting the necessary ingredients at home. However, if you have never done this job before, you must first do it with the help of an experienced golfer.

Is it necessary to remove old tape when regripping golf clubs?

Of course. It is necessary to remove the old tape when regripping golf clubs. Otherwise, the new grip will not fit in the right place.

Do I need to regrip an old golf club to perform on a golf simulator?

Of course, you can remove your old grip and install a new grip to play in the golf simulator. Before playing in a golf simulator, you must be sure about your clubs.

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Regripping golf clubs is a very easy and enjoyable job. The first time you do this, and you will succeed, it will fascinate you. And if you do it through a PGA professional, you can still learn something. We think that this guide on how to regrip golf clubs is the result of a lot of research which has been able to tell you the right path. 

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