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Golf bags are an essential piece of equipment for golfers. Golf clubs, golf balls, golf shoes, golf simulators and other necessary equipment are just as important as golf bags. They not only provide a place to store your clubs and balls but also help to keep you organized on the course. A good golf bag can make a big difference on the course. It should be lightweight and have plenty of pockets for storing all of your gear. 

The straps should be adjustable so that you can carry them comfortably. And it should have a stand so that you can set it down on the ground without having to worry about it tipping over. There are a lot of different golf bags on the market, but not all of them are created equal. 

Golf technology today is at the pinnacle of development and golf bags are no exception. A few years ago, golfers did not have a variety of golf bags, which meant they had to lug around 14 clubs in a huge bag. Now there are different types of golf bags as well as different types of push-pull carts to carry them. Manufacturer companies are now making different types of bags that are waterproof, strong, and lightweight.

Now how much you need, what kind of bag or how many clubs you will carry, etc. you will buy a quality bag. That’s why you need to know about different types of golf bags first. Let’s find out:

There are six different types of golf bags on the market and each bag has different uses and different features. These include:

  • Tour bags
  • Waterproof bags
  • Cart bags
  • Stand bags
  • Pencil bags
  • Travel Bags

Which Golf Bag Is Right For You?

If you’re new to golf, the number of different golf bags available can be overwhelming. Do you need a cart bag or a carry bag or a travel bag? How many pockets do you need? What size should you get? Here are the different types of golf bags that make you pick a proper decision.

Tour Golf Bags

different types of golf bags

Amon the different types of golf bags, tour bags (also known as stuff bags) are the best, largest, and most expensive bags on the market. This bag has many places where you can easily store your golf equipment, clothes, water, and other essentials. That’s why this bag is the top choice among professional golfers.

Weighing in at around 10 pounds, this heavy bag is not convenient for the average golfer. This velocity is for professionals. And they have no problem carrying it because they have a personal caddy to carry this bag. Therefore averages are not recommended to take it. But if you have personal caddies, or push carts, then feel free to take it for its huge space.

Waterproof Golf bags

Golf Stand Bags

Golfers are very aware of the unpredictable weather in Great Britain. That is why golfers do not hesitate to buy the best waterproof golf bag on the market. 

Several golf bag manufacturing companies are developing this golf bag technology. You must buy a waterproof golf bag to cope with bad weather. The waterproof golf bag will give you a stylish and lively golf game on the course.

Golf Cart Bags

golf cart bags

A cart bag, also known as a trolley bag, is a special type of golf bag that is primarily designed to be carried on a push/pull or electric cart.

It has a non-slip base that will prevent the bag from sliding off the cart. Therefore, if you do not want to walk the course or take the help of a trolley, then this does not apply to you. Stand bags can be considered the best for you.

Cart bags are relatively lighter than tour bags (max 6-7 pounds) and small enough to be easily transported on a trolley. Like tour bags, cart bags also have space for other items, including golf equipment, but on a smaller scale.

Golf Stand Bags

golf stand bags

Compared to other bags on the market, this bag is unique for one reason, and that is its weight. This bag weighs only 5 pounds or less and has two retractable feet that prevent it from getting dirty. It stands up so you can easily get your equipment out. And other bags are only made for use on flat surfaces whereas stand bags can stand anywhere.

Stand bags are a favorite among golfers who like to roam the ups and downs of the golf course, not just the flats. Stand bags are easy to carry on the shoulder and carry weight equally on both shoulders.

Golf Pencil Bags

Pencil bags have become increasingly popular with golfers in recent times. It is named a pencil bag because it is very light compared to other bags. It can easily carry 14 clubs.

It is designed very slimly so you can easily store it in your car or locker. You can easily use it in both the winter and summer seasons. But be careful during rain, as it provides less protection in rain.

Golf Travel Bags

If you are a professional golfer or a golf enthusiast, you must take clubs with you when you go on vacation. That’s why you recheck your tools and other essentials very carefully and put them in the bag. Golf travel bags are multi-featured bags that can easily store your golf equipment and other items. Let’s take a look at some distinctive features:

  • A padded top to protect clubs in transit
  • Padded or reinforced handle for easy handling
  • At least one additional external pocket for additional storage

Travel bags are basically of two types. One is a hard cased bag and the other is a soft case bag. The hard case bag is very tough and heavy on the outside which will protect your golf equipment very well. And the soft case bags you can easily carry on your shoulder.

Final Verdict

There are many different types of golf bags to choose from depending on the golfer’s needs. Some factors to consider when choosing a golf bag are the size and weight of the bag, the number of pockets and compartments, and the type of straps. There is a golf bag out there for every type of golfer, so it is important to do some research before making a purchase.

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