How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs?

There is no substitute for an excellent grip to hold the golf club well. No one can deny its importance in the golf community. Grips are changed by golfers as often as they like for better performance. If you want to change your grip, you can change the grip yourself or with the help of an expert. 

Besides, if there is a golf shop next to you, then if you go there, you can safely change entirely without any risk. But the important thing here is what kind of cost it can be. Yes, today I will give you a crystal clear idea of how much it costs to change the grip of a golf club.

We tell you $200 maximum and $35 minimum to regrip your golf clubs. The better grip you get and the better expert you get to regrip it, the higher the cost will be. Again buying a good grip and doing it yourself will cost quite a bit. And if you buy a cheap grip and install it yourself, it will cost a minimum of $35. 

If you regrip your entire set and get better grips, it will cost more, and if you do a few specials, it will cost less. However, the cost will depend entirely on what type of grip you get, who you get it done by, and how many clubs you regrip. Below I give some examples of grip prices and how much it might cost to regrip yourself or someone else. Stay tuned

How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs?

When you regrip your clubs, you first need to decide how many clubs you will regrip or all of them and buy the grips. Next, I suggest you take the regripping kit (tape, solvent, vice clamps, etc.) to the golf store. Doing this can reduce the cost a lot.

There are many brands of grips in the market. Some are cheap, some are expensive, and some are in the middle. However, if you want a decent and best grip, I suggest one of Champkey, Golf Pride, Karma Velor ($10-15), etc. However, standard grips cost between $2.50-$15 per grip. Below are some examples from Amazon:

ProductPrice Description
Lamkin Crossline 360$5.99 per gripTotal= 13 club ( $77 )
Champkey Traction-X$39.99 (13 grips with regripping kit)
Golf Pride MCC Plus 4$10.49 per gripTotal= 13 club ($136)
Karma Velor$18.10 (13 grips)
Superstroke Cross Comfort$5.99 per grip

If you want to regrip yourself, you’ll need to buy a kit (the kit will come with tape, glue, and a few other things). These cost roughly between $15-30. Then you watch the following videos and move forward by observing every tip given in the video.

How to do it quickly

Never do this!

If you want to get it done at your local golf shop, you can get each grip for about $5 or less. For example, Golf Town: is $5 per grip, Global Golf: is $4 per grip, and Golf Galaxy: is $3 per grip. 

Below we give you some clear examples of what regrips can cost you at a golf shop: 

DIY golf club regrip cost comparison:

Product and priceGrip kit costTotal cost
13 Golf Pride MCC Plus4= $136$14$150
13 Lamkin Crossline 360= $78$14$92

Local golf shop regrip cost comparison:

Product and priceInstallation costTotal cost
13 Golf Pride MCC Plus4= $136$52$188
13 Lamkin Crossline 360= $78$52$130

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3 Reasons That You Should Regrip Your Golf Clubs

Here are the three Reasons You Should Grip Your Clubs:

The first reason is that your grip is slowly losing its familiarity, and you no longer feel as comfortable as before, which is why you must regrip your clubs to improve your game.

Secondly, you need to regrip to keep your club alignment correct. Some grips are designed to help you grip the club properly. New players will do quite well with this type of grip.

The third is to boost your self-confidence or not create cracks due to a bad grip. The proper grip will keep you motivated and help you get a good shot.

The last thing is the grip, you must change it, but you must keep in mind that you feel better in soft or hard.

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Regripping your golf clubs can be a great way to save money and improve your clubs’ performance. It is easy to do yourself ( if not, then go to a nearby golf shop to regrip), and with the right tools and supplies, it can be done quickly and economically. Taking the time to regrip your clubs can help you stay on budget while ensuring you have the best grip for your game. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, buy the right supplies and start regripping your clubs today!

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