Cobra LTDx Driver Review For 2023

COBRA is one of the leading sports equipment manufacturing companies in the USA. This company is highly popular for golf equipment, particularly for producing a wide range of golf clubs.

In this Cobra LTDx Driver Review article, I’ll talk about the Cobra LTDx Driver’s special features, specifications, performance, pros & cons. I’ll also compare it with its previous version for your perfect understanding of this product.

Additionally, You’ll find the answers to common FAQs & customer reviews here. Finally, I’ll not leave you perplexed about taking the right decision if you should purchase it as I’ll share my personal opinion as well.

Cobra LTDx Driver Review

Cobra LTDx driver review

The driver LTDx stands for “longest total distance”. That means Cobra has set a limit that their driver will be the longest driver considering the overall distance in 2023. This driver is the ultimate distance machine that has used PWR-COR Technology.

It has exceeded other drivers for the first time in the company’s history, to achieve zero CG (Center of Gravity) and 5200 MOI (Moment of Inertia). This driver has uniquely combined low spin, fast ball speed, & maximum forgiveness to deliver the Longest Total Distance.

Features of Cobra LTDx Driver

PWR-COR Technology

The multi-material weighting system of PWR-COR sets the utmost weight low & forward. A 14g machined steel inner weight and 5g aluminum outer weight are positioned just behind the strike zone to deliver maximum speed with reduced spin to the golf ball. The inclusion of a 15g back weight ensures the perfect balance of low spin with the high launch as well as the greatest forgiveness for longer distances.

Multi-Material Construction

A multi-material construction of LTDx comprises a light and sturdy titanium chassis, a lightweight carbon crown, and a sole plate. The new chassis design is 8.3g lighter and contains up to 30% more carbon than the previous RADSPEED driver. It allows for reducing weight which is shifted low and forward in the PWR-COR for increased speed.

CNC-MILLED Infinity Face

The CNC-milled infinity face design of the LTDx wraps around the leading edge to increase the maximum ball speeds on the bottom edge. Additionally, it generates a traditional top line to improve visual alignment.

H.O.T Face Technology

The concept of The H.O.T “Highly Optimized Topology” technology is just like Callaway’s A.I. Flash Face. Using data from numerous impact simulations, it has optimized thickness in multiple zones to increase the maximum ball speed across a broader area of the face. This technology derives its name from a tropology map as the created peaks & valleys by multiple zones resemble a topology map.

Arccos Sensors

After purchasing the LTDx driver like the other Cobra golf equipment, you’ll be eligible to get free Arccos Smart Sensors as well as a yearly free trial of the Arccos Caddie app.

The attached arccos sensors with your clubs in the bag enable automatic shot tracking, real-time GPS yardage information adjusted for environmental conditions, post-round strokes gained analytics, & the advice of your caddie.

Arccos features are accessible through an Arccos Link device, smartphone, or smartwatch. It is commonly believed that after the first year of using the Arccos Caddie system, cobra players improve at least by five strokes.

Fixed Back Weight

The combination of a fixed & tungsten weight (10g fixed & a 5g tungsten weight) promotes stability and ensures the lofty flight of the ball with more distance.

Stock Info

The LTDx driver is obtainable in 9°, 10.5°, and 12° standard lofts at 460 CC. It comes with an MYFLY adjustable hosel having eight loft settings: -1.5°, -1°, -1° Draw, STD, STD Draw, +1°, +1° Draw, and +1.5°. Verities of superior aftermarket shafts are also available with the LTDx driver.

See the stock options below:

  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 (60g) (mid-launch, mid-spin)
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue (60g) (mid-launch, low spin)
  • UST Mamiya Helium Nano core (40g, 50g) (high launch, high spin)

The grip Lamkin Crossline (58R) – Black (48.5g) is also available with customization options.


Performance of Cobra LTDx Driver


Cobra LTDx Driver is incredibly forgiving compared to other drivers. If you can make a good swing, you can assure yourself that you’ll be hitting the fairway most of the time.

Are there any drivers with tighter dispersions who are more forgiving?

Although the answer can be YES, still the overall performance of the LTDx driver will supersede others for its immense forgiving nature.

Hats off to the cutting-edge technologies that have come with the driver adding the H.O.T face & the PWR-COR. After all, these technologies work for the increased ball speed across the face, & the tungsten back weight that bumps up the MOI.


Hitting medium-high to high soft draws, you need not struggle to get your preferred trajectory. You won’t find any sliding sole weight like the other modern drivers. A huge opportunity you’ll find to dial in a driver setting that will ultimately give you the best result.

Look: One of my favorite aspects of the LTDx driver is the way it sets up behind the ball at the address. It shapes the ball in an excellent appearance that seems to sit slightly closed. To keep the ball in visual focus, the alignment aid and the raised crown accents provide the best support.

Generally, the Cobra driver’s shape is sharper and more triangular compared to the other brands. Specifically, this standard LTDx driver is the most rounded and traditional shape of them all.

Another unique aspect of loving the Cobra LTDx Driver is to give more options for choosing the color. While other brands offer limited options, Cobra LTDx Driver offers two color schemes. The matte black with gold or gloss peacoat with red allures the golfers to pick this one leaving other drivers behind.

Despite having the options of color choice, few consumers think it introduces some unnecessary confusion that bothers them from taking the decision. 

How It Sounds & Feels

When the current modern drivers sound ok in your ears, the LTDx sounds exceptional. Considering the tone & pitch, it stands out from the rest because its tone is round than flat, and concerning pitch, it blows right in the middle. Overall, the Volume is medium and not so overwhelming.

Hitting the ball in the center of the face gives an outstanding feel. Its solid, muted, and pretty explosive nature attracts modern golfers tremendously. On the other hand, its mis-hit feel is a little bit controversial as the sound gets less sharp and dull if you move away from the sweet spot.

Many people, in particular the lower handicaps, would consider the LTDx’s specific feedback as a plus because it’s important to know where you make contact with the face. But when you promote a driver as forgiving hybrid club, you might expect that forgiveness to extend to the feel as well, so in this sense, you’ve to taste bittersweet.

Cobra LTDx Driver vs Radspeed

Both technologies’ main objective is helping all golfers regardless of their levels, especially to get the best out of their games off the tee. Still, the RADSPEED driver continues to offer ground-breaking technology, while LTDx drivers have a little less spin & a little more forgiveness.

Strengths & weakness

Like the other drivers, Cobra LTDx Driver has also strengths and weakness.


  • Forgiving & Super Long
  • Two Different Color Options
  • Excellent sound and Stable feel
  • Not as pricey as current-gen drivers from other brands
  • Looks impressive behind the ball


  • Sole graphics look cheap
  • Performance can’t supersede the previous generation RADSPEED.
  • Some golfers dislike the stock shaft offerings 

Customer Reviews 

Cobra LTDx Driver has gained much popularity among customers, so they never hesitated to give extremely positive reviews for this driver. The average rating for this driver on the cobra store is 4.9 out of 5.

It should also be noted that the Cobra LTDx Driver attained a gold medal on the GOLF DIGEST 2023 hot list.

FAQS of Cobra LTDx Driver Review

How can I purchase this driver?

You’ll find these on, Amazon, Ebay or other Online or offline shop. For more details in cobra, you can call 800-917-3300.

You do not offer the loft/flex/dexterity that I am looking for. Why?

The brand Cobra apologizes for the inconvenience, specifically what you are looking for. Cobra always pays intense attention to long-term popular effective models, & sets plans according to those. Instead of focusing on public demand, it emphasizes the most potential aspects. 

How many pro players are using this driver?

A total of three pro players are using this driver. One of them is Bryson DeChambeau.

When did the Cobra LTDx driver come out?

The Cobra LTDx driver come out In 2016.

Is Cobra LTDx good for high handicappers?

Yes. The cobra LTDx driver is good for high handicappers for its high forgiveness and longest total distances and other superb features.

Final Thoughts of Cobra LTDx Driver Review

Despite having the best quality of hitting long ways with perfect accuracy, Cobra golf equipment is often overlooked. To my opinion, it’s not legitimate because the world’s best professional golfers like Bryson DeChambeau, Lexi Thompson, and Rickie Fowler use this driver. 

Although the previous-generation RADSPEED driver owners may consider that LTDx doesn’t offer enough of a performance boost to justify upgrading, to a greater extent, it offers much more than the other popular brands.

If you notice carefully, You’ll wonder to think that what is not in the packs of this driver. It’s a complete package of a ton of speed, outstanding sound and feel, balanced spin, and great forgiveness. So, without a second thought, Cobra LTDx Driver can be claimed as an all-rounder performer.

I believe that if you sometimes get a negative outcome from this driver, it’s because of your poor swing, not of the Cobra LTDx Driver. If you don’t make heel shots, I can assure you that you’ll have a tremendous experience of robust ball speed, spin & launch. For that reason, I can confidently say that the Cobra LTDx Driver is one of the most consistent drivers of the 2023.

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