Callaway Warbird Golf Balls Review 2023

Callaway is synonymous with quality and innovation in the golf industry, and their Warbird Golf Ball is no exception. Designed to deliver maximum distance and accuracy on the course, the Callaway Warbird has gained a reputation among golfers of all levels as a reliable and high-performance option. 

With its large, softcore, and durable cover, this ball is engineered to provide a superior combination of speed, spin, and control on the green. 

Today, I’ll take an in-depth look at the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball and explore why it has become such a popular choice among golfers worldwide.

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls Review

The Callaway Warbird golf ball is a two-piece construction ball designed for maximum distance and the 2023 version is no different. The extra-large, high-energy core promotes a high launch and low spin, two critical factors in achieving maximum distance.

When I played with the Warbird ball, I found that it provided impressive distance gains. I was hitting my drives further than usual, and my iron shots were also traveling an extra few yards.

One thing that stood out to me was the firmness of the ball off the clubface. It didn’t have the same soft feel as some premium balls, but I didn’t mind that as much, given the added distance I was getting. The ball felt solid and responsive, and it was easy to make solid contact with the clubface.

Around the greens, the Warbird ball performed reasonably well than Titleist Prov1s. The ionomer cover provided an excellent feel and control, and I hit wedge shots with decent accuracy.

The ball stopped relatively quickly on the green when I hit a pure strike, but there wasn’t as much spin or check as you might get with a more expensive ball. I found that the Warbird ball provided enough feel and control for the average player.

The durability of the Warbird ball is also noteworthy. I played several rounds with the same ball, which held up well despite a few poor strikes and scuffs. The ball showed no severe blemishes, and I was getting good value for my money.

Overall, I recommend the Callaway Warbird golf ball to any golfer looking to add extra yards to their game. This ball is also best for beginners, high handicappers, and those who need slow swing speed and a decent feel around the greens.

It’s a reliable, durable option that provides impressive distance gains and a good feel and control around the greens. While it may not have the same premium feel as some other balls, it offers excellent value for money and could help you shave a few strokes off your score.


  • Great value for money
  • Expected greenside feel
  • Great distance


  • Longevity isn’t brilliant
  • Not enough spin


Compression DimplesDimples Design PatternBuild MaterialPiece NumberCoverColor
90332Hex Aero DynamicsRubber2 PieceIonomerWhite and yellow

Callaway warbird Alternatives

Wilson Golf Tour Velocity 


  • Extreme distance from tee to green
  • Long distance flight
  • Superior performance and increased power off the tee
  • Great for driving, chipping, iron shots.


  • Feels very firm 
  • Very few color options ( only white color)

Wilson Tour Velocity golf ball is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality, affordable distance ball. With 15 balls in the box, it offers superb value for money and is a step up from most brands offering only 18.

The ball is built with a solid Ionomer cover and an aerodynamic dimple pattern that enhances the ball’s trajectory. It also boasts impressive durability and can last round after round.

One of the standout features of the Wilson Tour Velocity ball is its lower compression rating of 70, which offers more control around the greens.

Some players may find it too firm. The Wilson line around the ball provides a handy alignment tool. Its improved dimple pattern provides a satisfying trajectory.

The ball’s chipping may take some getting used to, as it comes off the face hotter than some players may expect. With practice, golfers can better feel the ball’s distance control. The ball’s spin is satisfactory for wedge play. But it may continue slower on longer shots, resulting in the ball rolling to the back of the green.

The Wilson Tour Velocity is an excellent choice for recreational golfers who want a ball with superb value for money, durability, and satisfying distance. However, lower handicappers may prefer a ball with a softer feel and more spin control. Golfers looking for a softer ball may find other options better suited, such as the Titleist Pro V1x.


Callaway Warbird golf balls are an excellent option for golfers looking for a ball that can provide impressive distance and accuracy off the tee. The ball’s unique HEX Aerodynamics design ensures a stable and predictable ball flight, while it’s large, softcore promotes faster ball speeds for greater distance. 

Furthermore, the ball’s Ionomer cover provides excellent durability and protection against scuffs and scratches. The Warbird golf ball’s affordable price point makes it an accessible choice for golfers of all skill levels who want to improve their game without breaking the bank.

The Callaway Warbird golf balls offer great value for money and an enjoyable playing experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer looking to enhance your game, the Warbird golf balls are worth considering.

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