Callaway Reva Golf Balls Review In 2023

Callaway’s Reva Ball, introduced in 2021, is one of the best golf balls for women. Reva is newly released on January 2023 with more forgiveness and an easy launch.

The Callaway Reva Golf Balls gives you great distance and accuracy. Callaway Reva is an excellent choice for female golfers of all levels.

I will share my real experience on this Callaway Reva golf review today. I spend up to three months playing with this ball. You will get what makes the Reva Golf Balls unique and explore their benefits to female golfers.

Callaway Reva Golf Balls Review

As an avid golfer, I have had the opportunity to play with the Callaway Reva Golf Balls for the past three months. I am impressed with Reva’s excellent performance.

Callaway Reva provides maximum distance, higher launch, and straighter shots. This is an excellent choice for you if you need slow to moderate swing speed.

One of the first things I noticed when playing with the Reva Golf Balls was their size.

Conforming to the rules of golf, they are 9% larger than a standard ball.

This larger diameter is 1.73 inches as opposed to 1.68 inches. A larger diameter creates a higher center of gravity. This helps me to launch the ball higher and with greater forgiveness.

I got the ball airborne effortlessly, particularly off the fairway, which gave me more confidence to make a positive strike.

Carry and distance off the tee were generous, and I noticed that my shots generally flew straighter with less spin.

This low compression ball with an ionomer cover reduced my spin. It helped me achieve greater accuracy, which helped me avoid the hazards and stay on the fairway.

But where the Callaway Reva Golf Balls shone was around the greens. Those short-game shots that often create panic and cause a thin or fat shot, like chipping over a greenside bunker or a chip and run, were much easier with the Reva Golf Balls. They gave me the self-belief that I could consistently pop onto the green, which helped me save some acute strokes.

On the green, I loved the soft feel of the ball rolling off the putter face. I noticed that my putts tended to roll true with a consistent pace. This ball provided excellent control and feedback, which helped me to judge my distances accurately and avoid those dreaded three-putts.

Overall, I highly recommend the Callaway Reva Golf Balls to any female golfer looking to improve their game. These golf balls are designed with the female player in mind, delivering an exceptional performance both off the tee and around the greens.


  • Oversized core and low spin characteristics for more accurate and longer shots
  • The larger size than the standard ball makes confidence
  • Consistent ball flight 
  • Easy to launch
  • Glossy white color, easy to find
  • 30 days performance guarantee
  • 2- years warranty
  • Free shipping


  • Players who play with fast swing speeds may not get all the benefits
  • Feel not as premium, and sometimes it sounds like it is going to break
  • Durability is not good


Compression DimplesDimples Design PatternBuild MaterialPiece NumberCoverColor
30332Hex Aero DynamicsRubber2- PieceTri-Blend Ionomer CoverWhite and Pink


The Callaway Reva Golf Ball is an excellent choice for improving your golf game. This ball offers a great combination of distance, spin, and feel. The enhanced core technology ensures that you will experience maximum ball speed for longer drives.

The improved control and feel of the ball allow more accuracy on the green. Furthermore, the durability of this product is top-notch, making it a significant investment in your golf game.

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