Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball Review In 2023

Chrome Soft is better for everyone, from amateurs to major winners. Now with our proprietary new Precision Technology, the Chrome Soft X Ball is faster off the driver with a spin profile that’s optimized for Tour pros and better players.

Source: Callaway Golf

The Callaway Chrome Soft X, Chrome Soft , and Chrome Soft X LS are among the best balls that Callaway has brought out for the 2022 season. The performance characteristics of these balls are impressive and the golf balls feel very soft. 

Callaway’s Chrome Soft X is the most used ball on the men’s professional tour. It’s a great option for the better, faster-swinging players who want excellent spin consistency, high ball speeds off the tee, workable iron shots, and Tour level short game control. 

Specifications Of Callaway Chrome Soft X 2022:

Compression DimplesDimples Design PatternBuild MaterialPiece NumberCoverColor
95332Hex Tour AeroRubber4 PieceSoft UrethaneWhite, Yellow and Triple Track

Callaway Chrome Soft X Ball Review

Chrome Soft X is Callaway’s#1 ball on Tours worldwide. It’s a great option for the better, faster-swinging players who want excellent spin consistency, high ball speeds off the tee, workable iron shots, and Tour level short game control. 

Consistent ball flight at every condition with our Tour Aero design. New Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core for Tour level speed, spin, and control through the bag.


Callaway Chrome Soft X-Golf is one of the branded products. It has a compression ratio of 95 while Chrome Soft has 75. Overall it is a softball.

Weight And Diameter

  • It exceeded the USGA weight limit of 1.620 ounces in sample testing.
  • Failed to meet a single ball and roundness standard.
  • Does not pass the USGA diameter test.

A ball not passing is never a good thing at the USGA, but being short for the round and having two balls in the sample isn’t terrible.


Centeredness and Concentricity

About 75 percent of balls in the experts’ sample had some degree of subcentering and core centering problems, but they were minor. The most common problem was the small layer incursions and mix of inconsistent thicknesses found in the outer coating layer. And these problems are common in all brands. 

Core Consistency

The core color consistency of Callaway Chrome Soft X is relatively consistent. There is no serious problem and the cores were well-mixed and clean. We didn’t find anything unusual or miscellaneous chunks out of place.


Its cover is very beautiful and attractive. We have not found any problem or fault with its material and no complaints from customers.

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Customers Review Of Callaway Chrome Soft X

Jonathon from Amazon

I’m a low single-digit handicapper and tried these balls after reading some reviews.

Low driver spin and good distance: I estimate lower than a ProV1 off the driver based on experience, but I have no measurements to back that up.

Low spin: Lower spinning than a ProV1/V1x with irons and wedges. However, that’s a feature because it does spin enough to stop after one hop and doesn’t zip back on me as a V1/V1x would.

It still provides great control around the green on short-game shots. Overall very satisfied with this generation of the Chrome Soft X. In Prior generations, I would have described it as a cheap Top Flight ball with a different logo, not this one.

Player From Callaway Golf

I have played the Chrome Soft for years now and have loved the soft feel, but I have needed more carry with the driver and tended to need a higher spin off the driver. This year I reviewed the new Chrome soft line’s Specs and chose the Chrome Soft X due to the spin profile.

The new Chrome Soft X is giving me 2-3mph more ball speed than last year’s Chrome Soft and around 200 more RPMs off the driver, equating to 6-8 more yards of carrying, which I needed.

The feel is firm and solid with the driver, and the irons feel a little “clicky” on short wedge shots.

Putting the ball has a solid feel that I like; in fact, I am putting better with it than last year’s Chrome Soft.

Despite the firmer feel, this ball has note-worthy green side spin, more than Chrome soft. The chrome soft X can execute any shot you need with excellent grab and check-up, even on short chip and pitch shots. Great ball, and I am excited to play it this year. [2]


What is the difference between Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X?

Chrome Soft X is firmer than chrome soft. Chrome Soft X is more optimized for Tour pros and better players than chrome soft.

Who should use Callaway Chrome Soft X?

Professional and best players should use Chrome soft X because of the firm and faster off the driver with a spin profile.

Is Callaway Chrome Soft x good for high handicappers?

The Callaway Chrome Soft x is a golf ball that offers an optimal blend of performance and control, making it well-suited to the needs of high handicappers. The ball combines soft compression with a low spin rate, allowing for enhanced distance off the tee while maintaining supreme accuracy around the greens. Furthermore, its aerodynamic design facilitates improved ball speed and launch for greater forgiveness on mis-hits.

Which Chrome Soft is like Pro V1?

The Chrome Soft X golf ball is a highly advanced and innovative model that shares many of the features of the Pro V1 model. The unique core design of the Chrome Soft provides superior compression performance compared to the Pro V1, allowing for greater accuracy and control on each shot. Additionally, the aerodynamic dimple pattern on the Chrome Soft X offers more distance off the tee, further enhancing its performance.

Key performance of driver:

Speed LaunchSpin

Key performance of Iron:


Key performance of wedges:

Full Shot SpinGreenside SpinForgivenessFlight Feel

Technical details of Chrome Soft X

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H14.25 x 6.3 x 3.19 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎6 x 4 x 1.5 inches
Weight‎1.42 Pounds
Warranty2 year manufacturer
Suggested users‎Unisex-adult
Amazon Review115
Amazon Rating4.7
Best seller rank68 in Standard Golf Balls
ModelCallaway Chrome Soft X
Release dateJanuary 28, 2022

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