Best Golf Stand Bags for Women 2023

Buying Golf Stand Bags for Women can be confusing. Especially where a plethora of ladies’ golf bags are on the market.

However, purchasing your desired bags can be much simpler if you know your stuff and understand what features you are looking for in your stand bags. First, you’ll have to determine for what reason you intend to use your stand bags & then select one that will serve that purpose the best.

Generally, most women golfers prefer choosing their bags based on the lighter weight that is easy to carry, looks modern and stylish with plenty of storage options. Considering all these aspects, I’ll provide you with a list of the 8 Best Golf Stand Bags for Women in this article. Whether you are a novice golfer or dream of being a member of the LPGA (The Ladies Professional Golf Association) one day, it doesn’t matter.

These 8 ladies’ golf stand bags will serve your golfing purpose. So, don’t get confused seeing hundreds of ladies’ golf stand bags in the market, as you are guaranteed to get the best one if you follow my guide.

After giving full descriptions pros, and cons of each golf stand bag, I will also talk about the things you should keep in mind before buying a stand bag, how we test golf bags, & other related topics that will help you out. 

Here are 8 Best Golf Stand Bags for Women.

Best Golf Stand Bags For Women Reviews

 1. Cobra Golf Ultralight Stand Bag

best golf stand bags for women

The Cobra Golf ultralight stand Bag is a perfect stylish stand bag for women. The name ultralight has its value because it is unquestionably lightweight, weighing in at just 4.5 Ibs. This bag is made especially for women to carry their clubs comfortably, including cool flow foam hip padding and fast-release shoulder straps. 

The great matter about this bag is that it offers many pockets & club dividers with its minimal 2 kg bag weight. I’m not saying that this is the only lightweight ladies’ golf bag, but I can assure you no one will give you such ample storage options and practicality with this amount of weight like cobra ultralight.

It has a minimum of 8 pockets, a large apparel pocket that fits a big water bottle, another compartment for keeping belongings, & also a customizable ball pocket. The bag’s 5-way top incorporates full-length dividers to keep the clubs organized.

Apart from its storage option, this bag is also handy because of its grab handles. Most importantly, when the legs of this bag are extended, the EASYFlex base offers great stability.


  • Super light, has comfortable straps, and a great stand system.
  • Great bag for the price.
  •  Great looking, solid, and functional.


  •  The insulated cooler pouch doesn’t work well.
  • It doesn’t have a head cover to cover the clubs when traveling.
  • Not waterproof.


Overall, the cobra ultralight ladies’ stand bag will give you a user-friendly experience. Its versatile options will allow you to have a combined service of a carry bag & a cart bag together, & will serve the purpose of your every job in a single bag.

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2. Callaway 14 Fairway Stand Bag 

 Although the Callaway 14 Fairway Stand Bag is a bit pricey compared to other bags on the market, it offers more than other stand bags. This bag contains every feature of a standard golf stand bag. The most striking feature of this bag is the 14-way top with full-length dividers that gives extra protection for the clubs. Besides, the self-balancing strap system and an OptiFit Comfort Hip Pad guarantee your extensive comfort & control.

This bag comes in many different colors and is lightweight. The ripstop fabric that has been used in this bag is very durable and prevents the sunbeam from fading away at the time of playing golf.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Insulated water bottle pocket


  • It costs more than other bags on the market
  • The ball pocket could be large.


Overall, Callaway 14 Fairway Stand Bag is a great bag with awesome individual slots. It has plenty of well-sized pockets. The only flaw you may find is that the bag sometimes doesn’t stand on itself without the stand though it’s not a big issue compared to the other outstanding features of this bag.

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3. Taylor Made Ladies Select ST Stand Bag

Taylor Made Ladies Select ST Stand Bag is a wonderful collection for women golfers. If you play frequently, it’s a very durable option. A 7-way top divider on the bag protects the golf club from other clubs around them.

You won’t be bothered to carry an extra weight bag while walking in the course if you pick this TaylorMade Select ST Stand Bag, as it’s only 4.9 pounds. TaylorMade Select ST Stand Bag is a fantastic option for women because of its additional features of an outside water bottle pocket and velour-lined dry pocket. In total, these bags have six pockets.


  • Light & sturdy
  • Super comfortable for carrying
  • 7-way top divider


  • water bottle holders can’t fit bulk water bottles.
  • Very little variety in colors.


Overall, Taylor Made Ladies Select ST Stand Bag is a Pretty lightweight & stylish bag with Plenty of pockets. The only minor complaint can be the water bottle holder as it doesn’t fit the bulk bottles, but you can ignore it considering other excellent features.

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4. Sun Mountain Women’s 2.5 Stand Carry Golf Bag

Sun Mountain has been a popular brand for golfers for over 30 years. You’ll always be satisfied with its products.

Sun Mountain Women’s 2.5 Stand Carry Golf Bag is extremely impressive to ladies because of its outstanding features. This bag’s eye-catching modern & stylish design will allure every lady golfer to buy it.

With six pockets and a 9-inch top, the Sun Mountain 2.5 can hold all of your golf equipment. In total, this bag has six pockets, including a beverage pocket.

The high-density foam shoulder straps will ensure your comfort at the time of walking & carrying, and you’ll also find your bag well balanced. The impressive matter is that all these functions are available in a bag that weighs less than 3 pounds.

With the easy X Strap adjusting system, Golfers can smoothly switch from a single to a double strap. Sun Mountain Women’s 2.5 Stand Carry Golf Bag comes with a rain hood that protects your clubs from storms.


  • extra cushion to the shoulder straps
  • Ultra-lightweight design


  • The backpack straps are awkward for short distances.


Overall, Sun Mountain Women’s 2.5 Stand Carry Bag is excellent considering the weight, comfort & design. If you keep this at the top of the ladies’ stand bags list, it’ll be your correct choice.

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5. Ogio  Fuse 4 Stand Bag

Ogio Fuse 4 Stand Bag has a great combination of cutting-edge technology & functionality for golfers when they need it on the course. Its new 4-way full-length divider will help you to organize your woods, irons & putter. The 6 forward-facing pockets of this bag include a water bottle pocket with a drainage port, a Rapid Access Snap Ball Pocket, and a Rapid Access Snap fleece-lined valuables pocket. Ogio Fuse 4 Stand Bag has also an umbrella holder. You can rely on Ogio, and if you enjoy walking on the golf course, the molded double-shoulder strap is a perfect option.


  • It is sturdy while free-standing.
  • The magnetic closet pocket grabs balls easily.
  • The self-balancing strap system


  • Some stand bags feature extra partitions at the top.


On balance, although it is not a cheap golf stand bag, it is at the top of the market in terms of weight, comfort, & overall ease of access to your clubs and supplies.

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6. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

If you are concerned about your budget, Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag can be an excellent option. You can easily carry this bag on the course as it only weighs 3.2 pounds. Although it’s an affordable option, it sacrifices the number of features. With a 4-way top, only 2 full-length dividers make it troublesome for golfers if they want to put the bag on a cart. However, the 4200-polyester fabric of this bag is very long-lasting and rarely fades.


  • Featherweight walking bag.
  • Fair price.


  • accessories and features are limited
  • The legs are not strong
  • Poorly designed


When it comes to golf items and equipment, you often get what you pay for, but the Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag offers good value for money. While it only has 4 dividers, the top and bottom are large. Considering the budget, it will be a good choice.

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7. Ogio Woode Hybrid Stand Bag

Ogio compelled me to enlist its name more than once in the list of best women’s golf stand bags because it offers all features that a golfer needs in her stand bag.

This recent design allows you to walk the course some days and ride on other days. You will get an eight-way organizer top with a hybrid stand bag to prevent your clubs from hitting each other. Additionally, the forward-facing pockets will help you take easy access when using a golf cart. This bag includes nine front-facing pockets, which is undoubtedly more than usual.

The Woode Hybrid bag organizes your clubs and anything else you bring to the golf course in a better way. Also, it ensures the woods’ separation from the irons, which helps you to find your clubs quickly, & protects your woods. The Low-Profile Ball Silo will stop you from searching for the ball in the bag as it holds the balls securely, & also ensure your quick access to extra golf balls. 

This stand bag has enough space for your clubs and gear, so they incorporate more of those Rapid Access pockets. Thanks to the magnetic clasps for making it simpler to keep track of your belongings and stay organized on the course.


  • Very functional at a good price
  • Made from extremely durable materials.
  • Club protection is superior to other stand bags.


  • The plastic handle is fragile.
  • It should have individual holes for each club.


Overall, Ogio Woode Hybrid is a great stand bag for women. In particular, for ladies who are concerned about the stylish outlook, it’s a perfect pick for them. In a word, it’s sturdy, stable, has ample storage options, and operates well. So, you can take this wonderful Ogio Woode golf stand bag for an excellent experience. 

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8. Ram Golf Ladies FX Lightweight Stand Bag

Ram Golf Ladies FX Lightweight Stand Bag will not only serve the purpose of functionality, but it will also attract you with its aesthetic appeal. Although the women’s stand bag doesn’t come in different colors, the Ram Golf Ladies FX Lightweight Stand bag offers three individual color choices. Apart from the stylish outlook, it is also lightweight, weighing just 4.5 lbs, which will not put pressure on your shoulder. Besides, its plenty of pockets will give you the freedom to keep all necessary items.

The Ram Golf Ladies FX Lightweight has a 5-way divider top with only two full-length dividers. As you go around the course, the dual cushioned shoulder strap does an excellent job of keeping your backpack balanced and comfy on your back. This bag is a fantastic blend of features and functionality, including automatic pop-out legs and a velcro glove holder.


  • Sturdy bag great color.
  • Good value compared to other similar-style bags.
  • 5-way divider top.


  • Only two full-length dividers.


Overall, Ram Golf Ladies FX Lightweight Stand Bag looks great and is very functional. It could be more solid, still considering the other functions of this bag, it deserves 4.9 out of 5.

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How To Test Golf Bags:

The golfers can purchase the equipment themselves or request that companies bring it to them. Then, they can put the bags to the test on a golf course.

If you are quite serious about testing the golf bags, you can take all of them, as mentioned above, out in the different conditions to observe how convenient they are on the golf course. What you’ll have to consider is that-

  • How hard is it to remove the clubs from the bag?
  • What number of clubs fit in the dividers?
  • Are all the pockets enough to carry all your necessary items?
  • If it claims to be waterproof, pour water, & see the result.

There can also be other ethos & methodology that you can apply while testing by using your wisdom; I just mentioned but a few.

What to consider before buying:

There are several things to think about when purchasing a new golf bag. Now let’s discuss those.


“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person,” so you should go for the reputed brands while buying your golf bag. Even though some great golf bag comes from less popular manufacturers, you’ve to count those well-known brands that golfers have trusted for many years.

These brands are Ogio, Sun Mountain, Cobra, TaylorMade & so on.

Comfortable Carrying Straps

Your golf bag’s straps must fit comfortably on your shoulders, & you’ll have a pleasant experience on the golf course. A durable yet comfortable strap is especially important if you carry your clubs.

Strong Materials

A golf bag should include all the highest-quality components. If you find a hole in one of the pockets or a strap that begins to wear out after only a few years, it’ll definitely spoil your day. So, you must avoid taking ordinary bags.


Storage is an important factor that you should keep in mind while buying your golf bags. It helps a lot to keep golf bags organized, & also saves your precious time to find out the necessary items quickly. In addition, enough storage in your golf bags keeps your clubs secure from other elements. Otherwise, it can gradually decay. Most importantly, only you can rely on your big storage golf bags to move all of your golf elements to and from the course.


The place where you live or golf is in a rain zone; you should consider taking those golf bags that offer rain cover.


Weight is an important issue for all golf bags, especially when the bag is a stand bag & users are ladies; it’s crucial. Stand bags are carried on the backs and shoulders all day, so they must be lightweight. Similarly, women golfers tend to be smaller than their male counterparts, so carrying a heavy golf bag is tiresome for them. So, Pay great attention to picking the right golf bag that is slightly smaller in size than the men’s.


Last but not least factor to consider is the budget. Golf bags are available in every price range, so you may choose them according to your budget. You should remember, ” A budget doesn’t restrict you; it empowers you,” so pick the right bag according to your budget.

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How many golf bags are there?

There are mainly three types of golf bags- Stand bags, Cart bags, and Carry bags, but there are also other  Different types of golf bags on the market.

 I need a quality bag, but why?

A golf bag is the most significant piece of golf equipment as it holds all your clubs, accessories, and gear. A problematic bag will cause your concentration break from the game.

Why is a good golf bag necessary?

A quality bag is essential to protect your golf equipment and give you rapid feedback while playing golf.

Are women’s golf bags different?

Some manufacturers make bags for female golfers; others make bags for men.

Many companies alter the fabric’s color to better market to female golfers. Usually, Women’s golf bags come in lighter colors and weigh a little less than men’s bag.

Can a woman use a men’s golf bag?

As women’s clubs are shorter than men’s clubs, so the bag size is also smaller than the men’s bag . However, if your clubs fit the men’s bag, then there is no issue with using a man’s bag.

What is a good weight to carry on a golf bag?

Approximately 4-5 pounds is ideal for carrying in a Golf Bag.

How much is a decent golf bag?

Like all other golf equipment, the price of the golf bag has also increased. To get a decent golf bag, you’ve to pay around $200. However, if you wish for premium quality, you’ll have to spend around $300.


After reading this complete review article about the best ladies’ golf stand bags, I hope you’ll be confident enough to pick the right one. These golf bags are extremely useful and will assist golfers of all handicaps in staying organized and protecting their stuff.

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