Best Golf Stand Bags For Beginners 2023

A golf stand bag is required to transport and organize all of your golfing accessories while out on the course. If the bag is heavy and lacks enough support to stand on its own, it will be difficult to lift and carry. 

There are numerous golf bag options available on the market. Some are for professionals, some for beginners, some to carry on the hilly courses, and some are designed to carry for walking. It seems tough to decide which one to purchase. 

But don’t worry, this article presents a detailed review of our top picks. We chose the best 8 golf stand bags for beginners based on fabric or material, design, portability, storage space, and functionality. For a more convenient purchase look over at the detailed buying guide on golf stand bags

Our Top Picks For Beginners Best Golf Stand Bags

  1. Ping Hoofer Lite
  2. TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag
  3. SL2 Colorblock Golf Bag – Limited Edition
  4. Sunday Golf – Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag
  5. Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag
  6. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag
  7. Cobra Golf 2022 Ultralight Pro+ stand bag 
  8. OGIO 2022 Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag

8 Best Golf Stand Bags For Beginners

1. Ping Hoofer Lite

best golf stand bags for beginners

Ping Hoofer is the name that blends style with performance amazingly. Ping has been upgrading themselves day by day to meet golfers’ choices. Now it has become one of the most popular names  in the golf industry. Premium outlook, quality construction, and stability come with comfort in this bag. Ping Hoofer Lite is really super lightweight and weighs only 5 pounds. Now let’s have a look at the features we liked most and what not.  


First comes the outlook. Versatile color combinations will provide you with different styles. The matte finish looks premium. The bag can be carried by the handles or straps. The handle on top of the bag is strong and sewn internally. 

There’s a tiny piece of Velcro just below the carrying handle for you to stick your gloves to. Also, there’s space to hold your pen and scorecard. You don’t need to mess your things up by unzipping the pockets to find your scorecard. 

The adjustable shoulder straps are cushioned for breathable carrying. having a sliding strap connector. They are easily convertible.  The upgraded back puck technology will allow you to carry it with either a single strap or double strap in one step. 

7 roomy pockets will keep all things organized. The full-zip main apparel pocket will provide extra space if needed. There are pouches  inside it to keep your things separate. A tee pocket is just on top of this main zipper. Velour-lined pockets are easily accessible. Also, there is a magnetic pocket to make it easy to put in and take out.  A zippered, insulated water bottle pocket to carry your drinks is better built than the previous style.

The amazing feature that Ping Hoofer uses in this bag is the cart strap channel that passes through the main pocket. It keeps the strap fastened to the cart while moving, and it allows unrestricted access to pockets. 

To assure uninterrupted pleasure while walking, there is a hip pad that provides comfort while carrying it on the back. Moreover, for extra padding, the rain cover that comes with this bag is stored within it. 

4 way to keep your clubs from bunching. You can organize 10–12 clubs easily. But to add more clubs into it you need to struggle a bit. The flat base combined with the sturdy stands keep the bag stable and balanced on the ground. Sometimes to be pushed outward to extend the legs fully. 

Keep the Ping Hoofer on your wish list to rock the courses with style and comfort. It won’t let you down. 

2. TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag

Taylormade is designed to combine functionality with comfort. This bag features 6 spacious pockets with an additional water bottle sleeve to keep you hydrated. 

Crush-resistant construction and an integrated automatic anti-split stand system are more convenient and secure ways to protect your accessories.  So while looking for impeccable design combined with high-quality construction, TaylorMade can be the best choice. Let’s take a look at other features. 


Taylormade 5.0 ST stand bags are made of polyester and are lightweight, weighing only 4.5 pounds. The fabric is resistant to water, tearing, and pressure. It is convenient to carry when walking from one hole to another. 

Even the bag has an EVA-molded hip pad to limit pressure caused by the sharp clubs. The double padded straps self-adjust, so you won’t feel any pressure on your shoulders while carrying this bag. 

Its base is also well-designed to fit in the cart. A full-length 5-way divider keeps the clubs separated and in order. You can easily pull the required one.

The bag comes with a matching rain hood to shield the clubs and other contents from snow and rain. It has enough room to keep your clothes organized and an easy-to-carry handle. 

Another feature of this bag is its anti-split stand, which has a rubber foot pad attached to the edge. As an outcome, it will not slip and will hold a firm grip on the ground. Your valuables are safe and dry in the velour-lined pocket. 

As taylormade 5.0 st bags come in a simple design, it does not offer extra pockets for extra storage. But  if you’re a beginner who prefers simplicity and wants to avoid extra straps or pockets, this golf bag is a good option for you. You will appreciate its functionality and ease of use

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3. SL2 Colorblock Golf Bag – Limited Edition

SL2 has been enhanced with more features than stitch SL. An insulated water bottle pocket or more comprehensive stand for stable placement will make you think about this golf bag. With a weight of only 4 pounds, it is extremely portable.   


Touring fabric, the proprietary material that is used to produce this bag, feels like high-end synthetic leather.  It weighs only 4 lb thanks to the high-quality construction and simplistic design. It demonstrates why the SL2 is referred to as the “perfect walking bag.” 

Sl2 has interchangeable single and double straps. You can replace the single with a double using the clip system. So, regardless of how you want to wear it, it matches your style.

You can have the personalized “ingot” on the side of the bag. That will make your bag more special. Give this to your loved ones with their very own personalized tag, that will make them feel special.

The minimalist-designed SL2 is equipped with a full-length apparel pocket, a pocket for your golf balls, a felt-lined pocket to protect your valuables like keys and your wallet, and one insulated pocket to keep your beverages cold. 

Water and stain resistance, ease of cleaning, a high-end appearance, and walk-friendly features make this golf bag worth buying for you or your loved ones, even for a beginner.  

4. Sunday Golf – Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag

The Sunday golf bag will amaze you with its trendy minimalist outlook and super lightweight construction. It’s super narrow design with roomy pockets for golf balls and your accessories makes it easy to go anytime, anywhere. you can rely on it for your everyday practice or while going for an executive course carrying 4-6 clubs. 

Looks and design 

Though At first look, it seems tiny having only 31.5” height, it serves a handful. The bag is super slimmer but not that slim to struggle to fit your clubs into it. You can carry up to 8 clubs easily.  The two-way divider keeps them separated and arranged. You won’t need to bend over to switch your clubs. It stands to match your height. 


It’s a perfect golf bag for Sunday to take on walking golf courses, PAR 3 courses, or driving ranges. This bag weighs only 1.9 pounds. That’s why it is too easy to manage. Built-in sturdy carry handles provide enough support to lift and carry away. 

You can store your golf balls in its extra-large pocket. The pocket is large enough to hold 4 golf balls and your apparel. The mesh pocket holds your water bottle, or you can keep your keys here, as it is easily accessible. 

A velour lined pocket on top of the bag protects your valuables like wallets, camera, mobile. You can keep your gloves on to avoid getting sweaty.  The Sunday golf bag comes with a Duraflex stand that is easily placable without any pushing. It stands swiftly to give proper balance.  

A single strap attached to the bag will allow you to choose which side you want to carry it on. 


Being so small, the bag is easily portable. Its functionality is not less than that of heavy-duty golf bags. There’s enough space to hold your balls, glove, tees, water bottle, small wallet, and keys. The stands are sturdy and provide adequate support to keep it upright. This golf bag takes up a little space, so you can fit it in any cart or car trunk to transport. 

The only drawback is that when you are carrying the bag using the strap, the upper portion becomes heavy and the clubs tend to fall out. Then you need to carry it using its handle. But it won’t be an issue for a short walk. 

Final words 

The Sunday is a good choice for any beginner who wants a slim, small, and simple golf bag within their budget without sacrificing performance in terms of performance, storage, portability, and functionality.  

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5. Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

Titleist is one of the must have golf gear for any golfer. Its stability, flexibility, and high -quality construction will give you the best functionality over the years. There are so many different colors available. You can choose from a wide range of color combinations. And as they are very easy to clean you can choose the light color too without any doubt.  


Let’s start with the weight. This golf stand bag is only 9 pounds in weight. The bag includes four full-length dividers and a four-way top cuff. Here, 10-12 clubs can be easily accommodated.

There are a total of 7 pockets to organize all your stuff. A huge tee pocket—you can carry your golf balls here also. This pocket also has two more mesh pockets inside; that’s cool. A small open water bottle pocket is to carry your drink .

A soft  lined valuable pocket to keep your valuables protected. You can keep your keys, wallet, or mobile here. The small magnetic pocket on the side of the bag is easily accessible. It’s nice to be able to keep random items inside without having to zip it up. 

The bag’s premium quality double straps make it easier to carry. The straps are tied to the clips attached to the bag. They adjust and level themselves.  The breathable wide straps will distribute the weight, making it lighter. It will not cause any discomfort  on your shoulder. 

Even if you do not want to hang it on your back, you can detach it. There is a carrying handle to help you lift your titleist. Carry it with style that matches you. 

Next, talk about its sturdy stands. They are made of high-grade aluminum. The hinged joint on the base makes the bag more stable to stand on. It provides better balance as it makes the best contact with the surface. The rubber feet on the edge prevent tile slippage and scratches.


As the divider comes in an arched shape, the clubs tend to slip to the corners, which may be disturbing at times. But if this does not bother you, this Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag will blow your mind. 

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6. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Izzo is recognized for his daily walking golf stand bags. It is, as the name implies, extremely light, weighing only 3.2 lbs. It is designed to carry yourself  with comfort. You will enjoy its exclusive features, like an umbrella holder, an integrated SmartGRIP Handle, a double strap carrying system, a customized ball pocket, and a rain hood. You can select from a variety of vibrant colors. 


Despite being a 3.2 pound golf bag, the Izzo Ultra Light will impress you with its quality construction. It is made of high strength 4200 polyester fabric. It is not only durable but also looks great in bright colors.

The bag is equipped with a smartgrip handle so that you can easily load and unload the bag from your car or  truck. The carrying handle on the top of the bag is sturdy enough to give adequate support for carrying it in your grip.  There is no velcro strap to stick your gloves to, as with other golf bags. 

However, there are four large zipper pouches for storing your accessories. Those zipped pockets have plenty of space for your belongings. The valuables pouch has space for your keys, wallet, or other valuable items you want to keep safe. The thickly cushioned dual strap is more comfortable for golfers who prefer to walk with it on their back.

Izzo is featured with 4 way dividers. Full length club dividers keep your clubs from strangling one another. The top and bottom of the dividers are large enough to accommodate up to 14 clubs. The large, wide opening allows easy pulling and pushing.


The stands are sturdy and spread open for perfect balance. But sometimes it needs a manual push to confirm stability the most.  

Final Thought

This golf bag has earned a spot on our top list as it combines durability, performance, and affordability. It will appeal to both beginners and professionals who prefer a simple and convenient bag for walking out to courses.

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7. Cobra Golf 2022 Ultralight Pro+ stand bag 

Cobra Ultralight Pro+ is recognized for its versatility. This bag can be easily carried by hand or on a cart. The Cobra ultralight pro has two extra pockets over the standard ultralight pro.  The oversized cooler pocket, updated leg design, flex base, and magnetic rangefinder slip pocket distinguish this bag from the standard Cobra ultralight golf stand.


100% polyester fabric makes this bag long lasting. The bag has a huge space including 8 pockets. These oversized pockets are ideal for storing all of your belongings. Inside the large garment pocket, a netted pouch is also there to keep your sunscreen or sunglasses separated. 

There is a large cooler pocket by the ball pouch. It can hold up to 14 cans of your favorite beverage. You can transport them in the pouch with ice to keep them cool. There is also an insulated pocket on the side for your water bottle. A velour-lined valuable pocket is included in this bag.


While walking, a magnetic rangefinder slip pocket on the side of this bag is easily accessible. It keeps your rangefinder close at hand. So you don’t have to unzip the pouch to get it.

If you are not comfortable carrying your bag on your shoulder, there is a passage for carts to pass through. You can wear it both ways thanks to the dual quick release shoulder strap.

Full-length 5 way dividers are well designed to keep your clubs in an accessible position. The stand design on the Cobra Ultralight Pro+ has been improved. It has a more standardized appearance. 

The lower center of gravity ensures that the bag remains stable and does not fall. To assure a strong stand, the flex base works great. It makes better ground contact. 

The Cobra Ultralight Pro+ is the best combination of storage pockets, club dividers, and overall appearance. You will not be disappointed if you choose it.


The only drawback we have found is that the straps are not detachable, even though they are not required for carrying.

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8. OGIO 2022 Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag

The OGIO Woode Hybrid 8 has been improved with vibrant colors, exclusive features, and upgraded technology. It’s a good-sized golf bag for carrying around on the course. The new 8-way Woode top separates your woods and irons. Nine front-facing pockets allow for quick access to your belongings. Another distinguishing feature of this product is its low profile golf silo. Let’s take a closer look at the Ogio Woode Hybrid 8 stand bag.


Woode has an 8-way top that is divided along its entire length.The top looks unique and spacious. It keeps your woods on the right side and the putters on the left side. Large putter grips are also easily accommodated in the dividers. The headcovers keep the woods separated from the irons. They are well organized so that you can switch clubs easily.

For allowing easy access the bag features all the pockets on the front. So when the bag is strapped to a cart, the pockets are not out of reach. These pockets include a Rapid Access Snap Ball Pocket, a Rapid Access Snap fleece-lined valuables pocket, a spacious full-length apparel pocket, and a water bottle pocket with a drainage port. 

Rapid access snap pockets are more secure than a magnetic one. It is also faster than a zipped one. When you’re finished, it automatically closes.

The carry handle on the bag’s top is extremely strong. There are velcro straps for your gloves and tiny elastic ports for your tees. When you need an extra golf ball, the exclusive golf silo on top of the bag relieves you of the bag. It holds three extra golf balls and is easily accessible.

Closed-cell foam-molded straps have a dotted appearance and are thickly layered to provide maximum comfort while carrying. The double straps use Fit Disc technology to adjust themselves. The foamed inner side gives protection against the hip.

The stands come with rubber feet for extra grip. It has grooves on the bottom and doesn’t slip on grass or concrete. You don’t need to push manually to open the legs wide. As the bag is claimed to be a hybrid bag, both cart-friendly and walking-friendly, it seems a bit bulky. 

The Woode Hybrid is a lightweight golf bag with a weight of 6.5 lbs. It is easy to carry. Furthermore, this bag has a huge space, like cart bags. That’s why it is called a hybrid bag. So don’t hesitate to pick this up. You can carry this bag with you on any golf course. 

The cons can be mentioned as the irons bounce around while you move the bag, and it’s hard to keep them organized then.

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What To Consider (Buying Guide) 

Stand bags are the versatile one among the golf bags. It can be used as a carry bag or cart bag as you want. But as a beginner, before choosing your golf bag, there are some facts you should check. 

Number of ways

The number of ways determines the arrangement of your clubs in the bag. If you are a beginner and going for regular practice a 4 way or 5 way top is more convenient to carry your clubs. But as a serious golfer  if you want to arrange your clubs separately, you may need more ways. Golf bags come in 1 to 15 ways. The way extends to the full length that the clubs are organized individually. That saves time when extracting the club.

Number of pockets 

Some people prefer fewer pockets so that it can be carried easily. Some prefer more pockets for more golf gear, like a rangefinder, a divot repairer, and that extra pair of gloves or more apparel. Now golf bags come with dedicated pockets for your drinks, valuables, and tees. But remember that more pockets mean more storage space, and more space requires checking through for your things. It also puts on extra weight. 


Every day, new features are added. A golf bag like the Cobra Golf 2022 Ultralight Pro+ features oversized cooler pockets, an oversized insulated pocket, and a huge apparel pocket. Velcro straps can hold your gloves. Hidden mesh pockets are for your necessary staff. Some bags have a built-in pass thru passage for the cart strap that doesn’t restrict access to the pockets. Choose the right bag based on its features.

Stability of the stands 

To secure the stability of the bag, the stands should be sturdy and well designed. Stability is judged by the width of the stands, the solid contact of the bag with the bottom, and the angle of the bag when the stands are fully extended.

If the stands are too close, the bag will fall because of a strong wind or uneven ground. If the stands are too pointy, they will stick to the ground or leave a scratch on the tiles. Rubber feet can prevent this.

Comfortable straps 

Some golf stand bags have convertible straps that can be used as dual sided or single-sided straps. The clip system works well in this case. Self adjusting straps work better while you carry your golf bag on your shoulder. Thickly layered, cushioned golf straps are required for comfortable carrying. It relieves your shoulder from extra pressure. 


Clubhead: All the golf stand bags do not include a clubhead. However, some bags include clubheads, which are required to separate your irons from your woods.

Rain hood: A rain hood is required to protect your bag when the weather is foul or if there is any sudden rain or snow.

Umbrella holder: Most of the golf bags have a loop on the side to put the umbrella into.

Cooling pocket: Some golf stand bags feature a cooling pocket that can fit a few beverage cans with some ice into it. It will keep your favorite beverages chilled.

Magnetic rangefinder pocket: It is a unique feature that supports holding your range finder on the surface of the bag. So it is more accessible while you  are going for holes.

Waterproof material 

Choose a bag that is waterproof. You must not prefer bags that will feel wet when you carry your chilled drinks. If the fabric is not waterproof, your sweat can dampen the surface of the bag while carrying it or when it comes into contact with wet ground.

Looks and budget

There are so many options for every budget range. Choose your preferred brand and features first, then look for a suitable budget.

Every brand launches bags in different styles, colors, designs, and looks. So get the best-suited golf bag that matches your style.


How many clubs should a beginner carry?

Beginners should carry no more than 14 clubs. It will be better to practice with the same few clubs when you are learning the game. After that, you may use a different club for every shot. 

How much should you pay for a golf bag?

For a good-quality bag, the average cost ranges from $100 to $200. Try to invest your money on some good bags that will last for several years.

Can stand bags be used on golf carts?

Yes. Almost all the stand bags are designed to be carried on carts using straps. Some bags also feature a pass-through strap for uninterrupted access to the storage.

How many balls should you carry in your golf bag?

Golfers usually carry 6–12 golf balls to the ground. But it is mostly your personal preference. 

What is a good, cheap golf bag?

TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag can be the best option within your budget. But don’t worry, you can find your ideal bag within any price range.

Final Words 

A golf bag is a basic gear for any golfer. As a beginner, you may be lost finding the best one that supports your all requirements within a range. Considering the stability, functionality, different features and  styles  we have reviewed top 8 golf stand bags. With the buying guide included here, you will find it easier to choose the best. Let us know which one you prefer for your next course. 

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