10 Best Golf Stand Bags For 2023

A proper golf bag can make a difference in organizing and planning a golfer’s game. Cart bags are very wide and heavy, which makes them difficult to carry. But the stand bag is compact yet lightweight, so you can comfortably move around the entire golf course wherever you want.

Generally, you will look for bags that are convenient for you, such as light, comfortable, easy on the back, etc. Now, if you want to get a stand bag, then the bag will depend on your current situation, how much storage, how many clubs will be carried, how to protect, stability, etc.

Today we will review the best stand bags for you. Check out our top ten golf stand bag reviews below. Stay with us till the end.

Our Top Picks For Best Golf Stand Bag

  1. OGIO 2022 Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag
  2. TaylorMade Select ST Stand Bag
  3. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag
  4. Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag
  5. Cobra Golf 2022 Ultralight Pro Stand Bag
  6. Stitch SL2 Colorblock Stand Bag
  7. Hot-Z Golf 2.0 Deluxe Ultra Lite Stand Bag
  8. EG EAGLE Light Golf Stand Bag
  9. Persimmon Golf DRK 7″ Lightweight Golf Stand Bag
  10. Cleveland Golf Stand Bag

Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews In 2023

1. OGIO 2022 Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag

best golf stand bag


  • Is it waterproof?: Yes
  • Weight: 5.69lbs
  • Pockets: 9 
  • Colors : 8 (Black; Camo; Nebula; Shibori Mountain; Warp Speed; Geo Fast; Midnight Jungle; Terra Texture)

Reason to purchase:

  • Easy to carry on back and trolley
  • Very durable 
  • Rock solid
  • Waterproof pockets

Reason to keep away from:

  • There aren’t individual holes for each club

The OGIO 2023 Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag is one of the best stylish, eye-catching, and overall performance stand bags on the market today. It is one of the best durable golf bags. The Woodie Hybrid bags feature “Woodie tops,” giving you a better way to organize your clubs. Keep your canopy of head covers separated from your irons so every club is always easy to see and grab.

Another feature, “Ball Silo,” gives you no more digging through your bag to find a ball. You can securely hold and easily access spare golf balls. The bag is waterproof and has waterproof “Rapid Access Snap Pockets .”This is faster than a zippered pocket and more secure than a magnetic one. You can access the things easily which you use the most on the course. 

You will also get more features like an umbrella holder, closed-cell foam molded double shoulder strap with fit disc self-balancing strap system, velcro glove patch, towel loop, pen holder, and logo ready. 

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2. TaylorMade Select ST Stand Bag


  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Number Of Pockets: 6
  • Color: Navy/White/Red

Reason to purchase:

  • The padded adjustable dual strap system
  • Anti-split stand system
  • Integrated pocket design
  • Grab handles on top cuff

Reason to keep away from:

  • Individual slots go only some of the way down

The TaylorMade Select ST Stand Bag is very comfortable and easy to carry. That’s why you can focus on your game. This bag is very lightweight because of Weighing just 4.5 lbs. The exceptional 8-way top with crush-resistant construction and proprietary stand system for seamless functionality that allows you to set the bag down and set up for your shot without distraction. This unique design appeals to both the walker and the rider.

The feature water-resistant stretch pocket is strategically positioned on the upper end of the bag for convenient storage and access to valuable items. The weather-resistant design is built to protect items such as your phone, keys, or wallet.

Easy eight-way divider organization and storage make this bag more user-friendly and easy to carry. Walk easily.

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3. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag


  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Number Of Pockets: 6
  • Color: Navy/White/Red

Reason to purchase:

  • Great price for quality
  • Lightweight and well-constructed
  • A standard 14 club fits easily, and you pulled/replaced clubs with no snags.
  • The included bag straps are reasonably comfortable
  • Bright color
  • Adequate number and type of pockets for most rounds

Reason to keep away from:

  • Individual slots go only some of the way down

The Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag is a perfect liteweight stand bag under $100. While it only has four dividers, the top and bottom are large. The deal was incredible – far less than competitors and has everything you need to walk with a 3.2lb bag.

It is also a low-priced, quality golf carry bag. It has four zipper pouches, from small for a phone to “large” for a sweater or rain pants, and a large slot for gloves/balls.

You always surprise when you read comments, “it only has four pouches or dividers. Yeah, because it’s a featherweight walking bag. If you want 14 dividers and pouches to store a wardrobe get a heavier bag! If you like to walk, this is an excellent lite weight stand bag. 

Finally, if you’re looking for an inexpensive but well-made carry bag, this IZZO Ultra Lite Stand Bag is a great choice.

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4. Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag


  • Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Number Of Pockets: 8
  • Number of Dividers4
  • Color: 7 different types of mixed colors

Reason to purchase:

  • Very lightweight, under 2kg
  • Expandable full-length apparel pocket
  • High-grade aluminum legs and advanced hinged bottom for best-in-class stability

Reason to keep away from:

  • A bit pricey

If you need a high-quality, stylish and versatile bag, then the Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag is for you. This Stand Bag features seam-sealed zippers and waterproof construction to keep your gear protected in any conditions and a new premium double strap for added comfort.

This bag is very lightweight, under 2kg, that’s why you carry it easily anywhere on the golf course. It has strong aluminum legs that make for a practical bag in all conditions on the course. 

Finally, if you are a dedicated golfer, then stay in this bag. This bag gives you more comfort than you expected.

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5. Cobra Golf 2023 Ultralight Pro Stand Bag– Best Golf Stand Bag Under $200


  • Weight: 2 Kg or 4.2 lbs only
  • Number Of Pockets: 7
  • Colors: 8 

Reason to purchase:

  • Very lightweight, only 2 kg
  • Ideal for full-time dedicated golfers
  • Great stability and durable

Reason to keep away from:

  • Partial waterproof
  • Please do not stay up on its own on a flat surface

The most notable reason to choose our Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag is that if you have a lot of gear, you can keep it inside. Remember that this bag is under $200. This bag is super easy to carry at only 2kg. There are eight pockets to keep your gear organized and separate, and the oversized garment pocket is fully waterproof and roomy enough to fit an extra layer if needed. 

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6. Stitch SL2 Colorblock Stand Bag


  • Weight: 4 lbs 
  • Number Of Pockets: 3

Reason to purchase:

  • Water and stain resistant with sealed zippers
  • Very durable and lightweight
  • High-quality synthetic leather

Reason to keep away from:

  • Only three pockets, and those are on the smaller side.

The Stitch SL2 Colorblock Stand Bag is one of the perfect walking bags. For golfers who want to love walking on the course, this bag is for them. The high-quality synthetic material makes this bag durable. This bag is also lightweight and water-resistant. 

It has the versatility of an interchangeable single and double strap with the convenience of a stand. This bag is also stylish and colorful. After including a lot of features, this bag has multiple new features like an Insulated water bottle pocket, Hip pad, Pencil pocket, and Wider stand feet for improved stability.

7. Hot-Z Golf 2.0 Deluxe Ultra Lite Stand Bag– Best Golf Stand Bag Under $100


  • Weight: 3.04 kg 
  • Number Of Pockets: 6
  • Colors: 7 different colors

Reason to purchase:

  • Lightweight and quality materials
  • Easy-release tempered stand legs
  • It fits the standard 14 clubs
  • All necessary pockets are available

Reason to keep away from:

Very few customers complain about its shoulder straps only. 

The Hot-Z Golf 2.0 Deluxe Ultra Lite Stand bag is one of the best stand bags we’ve picked. The one way it will stand out from all the other bags is that it’s a well-rounded bag for less money. 

The Hot Z Golf 2.0 bag is under $100. You will get much more than just an incredibly priced bag; it has all the features you need in a stand bag. The leg kicks out super easy and fast and springs back quickly.

It is Super Lightweight, and I love the number of pockets. This bag has a padded dual strap, a 9″ top with a 6-way graphite-friendly separator top, and five zippered pockets, including a velour-lined valuables pocket, pen sleeve, rain hood, and more. 

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8. EG EAGLE Light Golf Stand Bag– Best Golf Stand Bag Under $200


  • Weight: 5.7 lbs 
  • Number Of Pockets: 11
  • Colors: Black and white

Reason to purchase:

  • Ultra-light, total weight is 5.7 pounds
  • Waterproof valuable pocket
  • 3 Years warranty

Reason to keep away from:

  • Not stylish and only two color

The EG EAGOLE Light Golf Stand Bag is under $200 and is a very comfortable, lightweight, and stylish bag. Fourteen individual club slots are roomy and fit midsize and oversize grips easily. Regular-size grips will fit two clubs per slot. Lightweight, and the stand works smoothly. It also has a strap to hold the stand against the bag for cart use, like the umbrella holder that has a partial slide to give extra hold. 

Straps are all easily adjustable and easy enough to remove or reinstall, depending on use. Lots of pockets, so you can find a great spot for everything you need as a push-cart user. Taking clubs in and out of the full-length dividers seems tricky at times (they snag easily).

You can organize the bag a few times in figuring out where you want each club to go in the slots. With time and use, you will figure out the best’ technique’ for pulling the clubs out and putting them back in, or the dividers will smooth out. 

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9. Persimmon Golf DRK 7″ Lightweight Golf Stand Bag– Best Golf Stand Bag Under $100


  • Weight : 3 lbs 
  • Number Of Pockets: 5
  • Colors: 13

Reason to purchase:

  • Low price under$100
  • lightweight and versatile with plenty of storage
  • Smart and easy to carry

Reason to keep away from:

Full clubs need to be fit.

The PROSiMMON Golf DRK 7″ Lightweight Golf Stand Bag is under $100, our lowest-priced lightweight bag in our selection. You see, its weight is only 3 lbs. Amazing! You will also get five pockets to keep all the necessary accessories. You will get a 4-point dual shoulder strap to balance the weight through which you can easily carry it. 

You will get 14 different colors and a super stylish look. This bag is roomy, with lots of pockets of various sizes, rain cover for clubs comes with it. It has an effective and easy built-in stand. The legs of this bag are very sturdy and fit very well on the golf course. 

Finally, For starters, people looking for a roomy lightweight bag look no further!

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10. Cleveland Golf Stand Bag– Best Golf Stand Bag Under $200


  • Weight: 7 lbs 
  • Number Of Pockets: 13
  • Colors: 5

Reason to purchase:

  • Easy to carry
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Great value
  • Looks great
  • Eight grab handles for easy loading

Reason to keep away from:

  • The ball pocket, while deep, only has one zipper going to the left.
  • Could have a velcro loop or a better way to keep the shoulder straps out of the way when using on a cart.
  • A ball divot tool hole/side slot is way too small for a lot of divot tools.

The Cleveland Golf Stand Bag is an under $200 lightweight stand bag with 14-way Club dividers. The pockets of this bag are well-sized and designed for differing accessories. Latches/carabiners are solid and well-placed.

The legs seem strong and don’t flex out on more slippery surfaces. This bag is light and has comfortable shoulder straps. The handle on the top is well-designed for lugging around. 

Finally, If you need a very solid bag at a great price, I recommend it.

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7 Things to Look at Before Buying a Golf Stand Bag

What factors to consider when you are purchasing a golf stand bag? We have listed seven things that are the most important factor for buying the best golf stand bag. 


The weight of the golf stand bag is the most important factor. If you prefer to carry it on your shoulder or if it is on your back and shoulder, then choose a light-stand bag. And if you want to use a heavy model and use it in a car, there are many models in the market.


Comfort is an important factor. Because you’ll be holding it most of the time, if it bothers you, your game may also be affected.


The golf stand bag will be on your shoulder, and you will be walking the course with it, so you need to get a light and comfortable bag for it. But this bag must be strong. Being able to stand firmly anywhere and keep your equipment secure is a must. All in all, when buying a golf stand bag, you must check whether it is sturdy or not.

Make sure the legs of your stand bag are strong enough. It is better if the lock system has legs because it will be more stable. Also, look for any weaknesses in the leg opening system, its components, and the closing system. Good stand bags don’t have any problem with this damage.


You will carry not only golf clubs in the bag but also much essential equipment. That’s why storage capacity and extra pockets are important where you keep essentials such as golf balls, water bottles, handkerchiefs, etc. 

Note: We have not reviewed any bags without pockets in this article. We have even tried to list the bags with the highest storage capacity.


The weather is controlled by the Creator, and no one can tell when the weather will be bad or good. Rain can come anytime. So it would help if you got a waterproof golf stand bag mast to protect your equipment from rain or water. We have reviewed most of the waterproof bags.


Golfers are tasteful people, and their choices are certainly beautiful. The manufacturing companies have now paid attention to the beauty of the bag. Many golfers love colorful bags. With that in mind, we’ve reviewed the best colorful bags currently on the market.


The material of golf stand bags is mostly made of nylon or polyester. Both polyester and nylon are very good materials. Now, which one will you accept? Polyester can hold color longer and dries quickly. You will get special benefits on rainy days. Nylon, on the other hand, can hold heavier items than polyester but dries a little slower and is heavier.

Two materials are used for the stands: one is carbon fiber, and the other is aluminum. Both can remain dry in adverse weather conditions. However, since aluminum is a bit heavier, it provides more stability.


The last factor is price. Before buying a golf stand bag, you need to check your affordability. And according to that capacity you will buy. Whether you want to take a hundred dollars, two hundred, or more, you will find it in all price ranges. But definitely buy, keeping the price in mind.

There are good quality bags for under $100 or $200 for some golfers who simply buy bags. There are many bags for those who want waterproof, colorful, huge storage, and even premium bags with maximum storage capacity. So it would help if you kept the price in mind.

FAQS of Best Golf Stand Bag

What is a stand bag?

A stand bag is a bag that golfers carry over their shoulders. It is light and comfortable. It has two legs that can be lowered from the shoulder to keep it stable on the ground. Each club has its own separate compartment, so you can easily pick and choose clubs.

Can I use stand bags on golf carts?

Yes, manufacturing companies are making stand bags suitable for use on golf carts. Some bags have lock systems, while others have specific straps so that you can keep them securely in your cart.

What makes a golf stand bag more comfortable?

Low weight and the comfortable shoulder strap makes a golf stand bag more comfortable. 

How much does a good golf stand bag cost?

If you spend over $300 or $200, you will get a much better quality stand bag. And if you calculate a little, you can get a good bag for under 200 dollars.

Final Thoughts

If you have a golf cart and use it, a cart bag is the best choice. And if you work hard or like to carry your tools on your shoulder, a stand bag is a good choice for you. You can keep your clubs and all other equipment in this type of bag.

However, relatively light bags should be preferred in this case. And if you want more pockets, you can have them. We have reviewed many pocket-rich and lightweight bags like PROSiMMON Golf DRK 7″ Lightweight Golf Stand BagCobra Golf 2023 Ultralight Pro Stand BagTitleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag. Choose your favorite at very affordable prices.

We at Netigolf hope to have been of great help in your process of buying the best golf stand bag. Leave your valuable feedback below.

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