8 Best Golf Simulator ( With Complete Buying Guide)- 2023 Latest products

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a golf simulator? Sharper projection, accurate tracking, proper safety barriers, comfortable turf, and a high-quality projector are all important factors when putting together a golf simulator. 

Some simulators include pre-installed packages. Others allow you to design your own package.  In this article, there are reviews of the top 8 golf simulators that are appreciated by all golfers.

In addition, you will get a complete buying guide so that you can know on which factors you should look up before buying the device. So let’s dig into it. 

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Our 8 Best Golf Simulators:

Best Golf Simulators- Top 8 

1. SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator Package– Best indoor golf simulator 

Skytrak is regarded as the best golf simulator for an indoor setup. If you are looking for a golf simulator that will be value for money and have a professional outlook and premium performance, you should check it out once. This golf simulator requires a larger space so that you can play with the best swing. 

What you will get 

  • The Skytrak SIG10 package includes 
  • Skytrak golf launch monitor
  • Metal protective case  
  • Play and improve software 
  • Side barrier netting 
  • Choice of golf hitting mat 
  • Ceiling mount 
  • HDMI cable 

This simulator supports E6 Connect, WGT by TOPGOLF, The Golf Club 2019, Creative golf 3D,  and Fitness Golf software. 

Bag mapping, shot optimizer, wedge matrix, etc. can be tracked if you go for play and improve planning. It is the highest tier of a game plan. 12 world-famous full courses, including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews Old Course, the Olympic Club, and Erin Hills are available to play along with some other golf courses.  

5 different camera views precisely measure instant ball performance data and can replay the shot immediately after the strike. 

The Sig10 screen is made in the United States. This premium, tightly knitted fabric can withstand the fastest strikes over time. With the association of the Panasonic PT-VZ580U Golf Simulator Projector, the screen can project a full HD-quality image

The Sig10 comes with a golf mat of your choice.The dimensions of the Fairway Series golf mat are 5 x 5. The thick hitting pad will give you the most realistic feeling.

SIGPRO Softy golf mat: This 4 x 7 golf mat has enough space for the mat to be leveled.

SIGPRO Softy Double golf mat: the double golf mat measures 4 x 10 inches. If you are willing to set up the simulator for both left-handed and right-handed golfers, this is the best deal.

Sigpro golf simulator flooring uses four cups to exaggerate the putting and chipping surface. This custom flooring simulator has a professional appearance. You can change the settings, but it will cost you more.

A landing pad turf is designed specifically for the Sig10. The protective mat covers the blank space between the screen and the golf mat. 

What you will need 

You will require an iPad or iPhone for the full golf course play feature in WGT. If you want to install the basic driving range or game improvement plan, you will require a PC or Android device. 

To assemble the full setup, install the pipes according to the coded color. You can follow the user manual that comes wIth this package. 

2. SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space Package– Best retractable screen 

SkyTrak Flex Space golf simulator is easily portable, as you can carry the launch monitor by retracting it. So you don’t need any dedicated space for it. 

Whenever you wish to play, press the button on your remote to get the screen down and press the button again to return the screen back. So the space gets back to its previous form. 

It is an obvious option for golfers who want to practice at home but 

What you will get 

  • The training package includes 
  • Skytrak personal launch monitor
  • Sigpro 6’W x 10’L turf golf mat 
  • 1080p resolution golf simulator projector with Projector shield enclosure
  • Homecourse pro 180 retractable screen
  • Ceiling mount kit

In addition to everything in the training package, the entertainment package comes with the play and improve plan with WGT golf, which will cost an extra $199.95.  

The HomeCourse retractable screen is the most distinctive feature of the Skytrak Flex Space golf simulator. This screen meets the requirement of taking up as little space as possible. You only need to press the wireless remote button. 

Extending and retracting the screen will take no more than 30 seconds. The screen displays a 14″ wide 16:9 fully extended image. The screen and the side walls are made of ballistic-grade material. This material can withstand the hardest impact of a golf strike. You can mount the screen on the wall using the included ceiling mount kit.

The Skytrak golf launch monitor can measure 98% accurate results based on ball speed, club speed, back spin, side spin, launch angle, backspin, carry distance, and total distance. 

To assure a full swing set this in a room with dimensions of 12′ width, 12′ length, and 8′ 6″ height. If you mount the screen within a height range of 8 to 9 feet, it will be okay. But if it is higher than that, you may need to install a platform below to stabilize the screen. 

Skytrak works with top-tier simulator software such as World Golf Tour, E6 Connect, and The Golf Club 2019. To install the SkyTrak golf simulator, you will need Ipads, iOS or Android devices. 

Pc configured with Windows 7, 8, or 9 and 2 GB of RAM or higher is required to play, especially if you assemble the simulator with the golf club simulation. 

Ultimately, this golf simulator can be set up in your living room, garage, or backyard. Just roll it up and carry it with you wherever you need it. You can give this product a shot if you are looking for a combination of portability, functionality, and flexibility.  

3. UNEEKOR QED SWINGBAY Golf Simulator Package– All in one golf simulator 

If you are looking for a professional-level golf simulator to practice and improve your golf skill to be a pro, Uneekor will be the best choice. Uneekor is offering you all-in-one service as it comes along with the projector, launch monitor, choice of turf and different software. Uneekor collaborates with a high-tech gaming laptop to provide top-notch performance without interruption. The choice of choosing golf simulation software broadens the opportunity to chose the best. 

What you will get 

  • The SwingBay hitting enclosure and screen 
  • Swingbay side netting 
  • Golf simulator gaming laptop with laptop stand, sleeve and mousepad 
  • Choice of Swing turf golf mat 
  • 2 landing pad turf with a dimension of 5’*10’7” 
  • Golf ball tray 
  • Birtees to level your golf ball 

Uneekor QED measures real-time data ( both golf ball data and club data) using ceiling-mounted ultra high-speed cameras at ≥3000 fps each. It is designed to provide the maximum space for a swing for both left-handed and right-handed players. 

Different gaming modes, practice ranges and skill challenges are designed to let you enjoy the game the most. 

The golf simulator is compatible with built-in Uneekor view software. Including this simulator software, it can also be compatible with world class simulator software like E6 Connect, TGC 2019, creative golf 3d and GSPro.  

To protect any mishappen from any stray shot The SwingBay Hitting Enclosure comes with side netting. The walls display better projection as it eliminates outer light to provide a sharp image.  The military-grade screen can withstand thousands of golf strikes up to 250 mph without any wear and tear.

2 Real like  5′ x 10′ turf mats cover the entire setting between screen and mat.  Also, you can choose hitting mat between a 5′ x 5′ or 4′ x 9′ sized mat that is 2″ thick. To assemble the full golf setup to enjoy a full swing, you will require a minimum space of 9′ H x 10′ 6″ W x 16′ D. 

Uneekor QED projects a full-screen view for a premium experience. You can purchase a highly configured gaming laptop to enjoy the game without any delay. All the necessary devices including a laptop stand, and mousepad are also available to purchase. So you won’t need to think about buying any additional devices.  

4. UNEEKOR EYE XO SWINGBAY– Premium all inclusive golf simulator 

You may be wondering why we included Uneekor QED and EYE XO in the same list. Because Uneekor has established itself as reliable and comparable to Skytrak with its premium golf simulator devices. Selection of your own customized hitting turf, landing turf, projector setting system, and tech setup has made the eye xo more accessible to any skill-level golf player. 

Though QED and EYE XO share the same features, eye xo costs more. The difference lies in higher resolution graphics for Optix video, precisely measured club impact and elimination of the requirement of especially metallic marked golf balls. But you will require a club sticker to assure accurate tracking of all club data. 

What you will get 

  • Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor
  • Upgraded view suite software 
  • Choice of hitting mat and landing turf
  • Side netting 
  • Optoma 1080 hdHD short throw projector 
  • High-configuration gaming laptop (optional)

Uneekor EYE XO uses a higher quality camera to track all the club data including the club data measured by QED, EYE XO measures club lie angle, club loft angle, impact point vertical and impact point horizontal. 

Slo-mo Optix technology offers you the opportunity to follow the club trajectory through impact in a super slow-motion close-up video. Analyzing Simultaneous images from different angles for every shot can measure the most delicate shot without any misreading.  

You won’t need golf balls with black marks on them to track the ball data. Any golf ball can be played with but for better accuracy of club data, it is a must to use a club sticker. A highly configured gaming laptop will let you enjoy the game without any jamming.

 All the necessary equipment including the laptop stand, cables and mousepad are available to purchase individually. 

Uneekor integrates with view software. It features a 3D driving range, fitting data, and a swing motion analysis tool. You can upgrade your software to refine or succeed. Refine features 5 simulated courses with practice facilities and driving ranges.  Succeed features 15 courses including all the others. Eye XO is also compatible with The Golf Club 2019, E6 CONNECT, Creative Golf 3D, and GSPro. 

Space requirement for Eye XO 

16ft x 12ft x 9ft is the minimum space required to install an EYE XO simulator in your home. More space will allow a more comfortable backswing. The simulator should be mounted 3’ in front of the balls for EYE XO.  

As the Uneekor Eye XO requires a mounting arrangement to assemble, you need to install it inside your house, unless you have appropriate arrangements to mount it outside. Uneekor can be played for all levels of players as it is compatible with basic software to the highest tier of simulation software. 

5. Garmin approach r10- The most affordable golf simulator 

Garmin approach has established itself as the most affordable and portable golf simulator of any other simulator. The minimal design and durable materials are appreciated by all golfers. You can install the simulator device inside and outside to assure an uninterrupted practice session. Garmin also provides you with a variety of golf mats and golf net options. Add-on side netting and a no-fly zone extension will allow a more secure shot. Any mishap can be avoided. The simulator is compatible with world-class E6 Connect software. You can connect your Android or iOS device with a view to tracking your performance. 

What you will get

  • The net return home v2 golf net 
  • Net return pro turf
  • Pre-installed 42,000 courses linked with the Garmin Golf app
  • IOS version of E6 Connect


As we said, Garmin has been widely used due to its amazing performance within the most affordable range. It requires an iOS connection to play ahead. You will get the net return home v2 golf net. It is a bit smaller than the Pro-V2 golf net. 

If there’s a shortage of room, the home series can be a better choice. But if you wish, you can customize your package by replacing the home v2 with the pro v2 or the pro v2 large. The net can withstand up to 225 mph with the toughest durability and returns the ball. 

Net return pro turf provides a long putting green and a 10-foot-long surface for a better surface. There is also an option to customize the golf turf. Firebuilt center-hitting or single-hitting turf can be chosen instead of the net return. The Firebuilt mat can withstand 300,000 shots on the exact same point with the exact same performance. 

Garmin is using radar technology to track all the metrics and store them for later viewing. It is compatible with the 2019 Golf Club, Awesome Golf, and Home Tee Hero

More options 

The extended no-fly zone is the protective netting that provides you with 8–10 feet of extra protective netting. So your ball cannot fly in other directions if it is mishit. Furthermore, to keep your mishit balls from being lost, you can add large side barrier netting.

You will require a space of 10 feet wide, 8.5 feet high, and 16 feet deep to set up the simulator. 

Garmin Approach r10 is the compact golf simulator package for all golfers. You can also connect your smartphone to your television to display the matrices.  

6. Trugolf vista 10 pro– Best Garage Golf Simulator

Vista 10 Pro is a remarkable golf simulator that is easy to install and always ready to go just after plugging it in. If you don’t want to spend a lot on a simulator but are looking for a convenient device that can help you develop your gaming strategy, TruGolf Vista can be your first choice.

Upgraded level 2 computer with built-in Intel Core i7, premium fairway, additional portable bluetooth speaker, side nets, lightweight aluminum frame, and other features have made this device a bit ahead of the Vista 10 basic.

Let’s have a look at what you will get in TruGolf Vista 10 Pro. 

  • 136′′ diagonal projection screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • HD 720p projector 
  • premium fairway turf
  • Newly featured 100% polyester impact screen with a new tension system that serves a more sharp, clear, and crisp image
  • Basic 1-year subscription to E6 Connect

E6 multisport interactive sports camera (two depth cameras track the golf shot, measure the speed and direction, and project it on the screen).

To create the most realistic golf experience, TruGolf Vista is designed and refined to capture all the details of the most delicate shot. as the projection doesn’t splatter due to The matte box design that cut off the splashing of light so you can enjoy the brighter and clear image. the depth of vista Pro has confirmed it.  

The Trutrack 2 technology features 30 sensors to measure the club data after every shot. The device is designed to work together with the E6 Connect software to connect the hitting mat to the club swing. The premium turf will let you improve your strike by allowing the best real club turf interaction.  

As the Vista series is compatible with E6 Connect, you will get the benefit of playing globally. This software will allow you to play in real-time with golfers from all over the world. You can enjoy different courses worldwide in 4K graphics

So you won’t miss any trees, rocks, or hazards. It will keep records of every shot, including your practice sessions. It can serve as your personal mentor, keeping and showing records of your ball speed, club speed, clubface angle, launch angle, etc.

Vista 10 Pro is featured with a deeper impact screen than the Vista 8. So the minimum room dimensions should be 10 ft high, 15 ft wide, and 20 ft deep. But as the whole setup is portable and requires no additional tools to install, you can easily pack it up if there is no dedicated room for it. 

Grab this golf simulator for precise detailing within your budget. It is fun to play over and over again without any wear and tear. It will withstand your hardest swing, and no harm will be caused to your room.

7. Foresight Sports GC3 PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package

If you intend to purchase a premium quality, heavy-duty golf simulator, the newly launched Foresight Sports GC3 can be an option for you. It comes with a choice of screen enclosure, golf mat and projector. So you can customize your golf simulator for the best performance.

The durable wide screen is able to project images in a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you want to upgrade the screen with a larger screen, you can install the Perfect Bay Plus( 4:3 projection) or Perfect Bay wide( 16:9 projection) screen enclosure. This heavy-duty screens can easily withstand shots up to 250 mph. 

More features 

The GC3 is easily portable and its touchscreen features direct-to-screen output. It combines with FSX 2020 which serves the world’s most exclusive courses. It will also allow you to compete with players around the world. 

This software will let you experience hyperrealistic gameplay, 3d grass, rich display and enhanced lighting, and updated UI.  

It can also be compatible with the golf club and e6 connect.The GC3 is accurate, versatile and reliable the exactly same outdoors as well as indoors. other simulators on market can hardly serve like this. 

Advanced photometric technology uses three precision cameras to monitor the metrics like ball speed, launch angles,  carry distance, smash factor, club path and etc. 

You have the option to choose your golf turf. Net return golf turf provides a long surface that allows continuous ball return. On the other hand, Firebuilt golf turfs are well known for their turf shock elimination feature. 

The center-hitting golf mat can accommodate both left-handed and right-handed players. So you don’t need to change the setting position frequently while playing with your friend. 

Space requirement 

The space should be 12’W x 9’H x 16’D in dimension to assemble the standard Foresight Sports GC3. But if there is no limitation for space we will suggest you install the perfect bay plus or perfect bay wide for a better experience. 

Great swing practice having the best quality graphics is possible with this premium quality golf simulator. It is highly recommended indoors as well as outdoors. 

8. Golfzone TwoVision – Best commercial golf simulator 

Two vision golf simulator has introduced us to an unreal gaming experience allowing 130% sharper graphics. Dual high-speed camera sensors capture all data most accurately and project them on the screen. The advanced technology used in this golf simulator has made it the most desirable one. It is the best choice for commercial purposes. 

What you will get 

  • A 24-position hydraulic  swing plate 
  • An auto tee and ball retrieval technology
  • An led green- read putting guide 
  • Divot sensing technology 
  • Advanced virtual caddy 
  • A full HD projector 
  • A touch screen featuring teeside kiosk 

The signature feature of two vision golf simulator is its hydraulic swing plate. This can imitate different course surfaces recreating real golf course contours and bumpy surface. It can move in 24 positions including the bunkers or hazards. It is compatible with both left-handed and right-handed players. 

When you deliver the perfect shot the advanced sensors track it including your divot pattern and project them. It can take images of 400 frames per second

The Teesside kiosk features touchscreen technology to make it more user-friendly. The led putting guide will let you know if your aim is right. It will indicate a red mark if it is not in the right position. 

It is packed with virtual caddy. That will give you additional tips and tricks for your betterment. Being a bit expensive, the TwoVision is not suitable to be used for regular indoor practice. But 

Its unique features, premium performance, professional outlook draw everyone’s attention. 

Best Golf Simulator Buying Guide

Golf simulators differ in size, purposes, shape, and budget. As it is a huge investment, you need to consider some key factors to determine which one is the perfect match for you. Here is a complete buyer’s guide explaining the factors that should be addressed. 

Outdoor or indoor setup

Setting up a golf simulator and monitor outside requires portability and convenience. The monitor should be water-resistant and durable enough to withstand the highest golf ball speed. You need to consider the size and shape if you want an indoor setup. You should mention the dimensions of your golf room where you desire to assemble it. It can be the basement, garage or game room. 


When aiming the screen, adequate spacing is crucial. Setting up a golf simulator will be difficult if there isn’t enough room, and you can’t take a full swing there. You must consider how much space you have and how much it requires to assemble the full golf simulator that you have chosen.

Room length 

A minimum of 12 feet of golf room length is required. You require this length for placing the hitting mat, impact screen and golf net, projector and cameras. The longer the room is, the ball will travel farther before striking the screen. 16–18 feet of room length will offer you a flexible throwing experience. 

If you want to practice using a golf net without setting the screen, a length of 10 feet is enough.

Room width 

At least 10 feet wide room is required. A wider room is necessary if you typically play with a longer swing. Otherwise, you may hit the projector. Place the simulator in a wider room that is 12 to 16 feet wide to avoid this situation. 

Room height 

To avoid hitting your ceiling with your club swing, a minimum height is required. For a relaxed swing, at least 8.5 feet in height is needed. However, a minimum golf room height of 10 feet is advised for taller people.

You can use a smaller simulator, but if you want to experience the premium game, try placing it in a room that is 12 feet by 12 feet by 10 feet in size.

Accuracy in tracking 

It is obvious that a budget-friendly golf simulator won’t give you the same premium performance as a high-end simulator. Examine the tracking features and process thoroughly. Then decide what should you go for. The main three types of tracking system are 

Photometric/camera-based golf simulator 

The name implies how the device works. A photometric golf simulator uses high-speed images to track the balls’ direction just after the shot. SkyTrak uses images to get the data parameters. Using those parameters, the simulator measures distance, direction, speed, spin and angles. The cameras collect images from different angles to measure accurate data. 

Radar-based golf simulator 

Radar-based simulators are best used outdoors. To track the ball’s direction, it uses microwave signals. Signals are sent to the ball, which bounces back to the radar and shows a reading. Using the Doppler effect, it measures the direction of a ball.

Mevo is a radar-based simulator that uses the doppler effect to measure its eight basic parameters. 

Infrared/optical sensor-based golf simulator 

Infrared golf simulators emit lights to capture the position and movement of the club head. It detects the movement as you swing the clubhead.

OptiShot measures the parameters using highly sensitive infrared signals to project the results.  

So after determining where to place your golf simulator, take a look at the tracking procedure they follow. 


It is obvious that when you are buying a golf simulator only for entertainment purposes, you won’t need more than eight parameters to look after. But if you are a serious player who intends to use the golf simulator for its betterment you will need a more detailed scoreboard. 

Common parameters like total distance, launch angle, and speed are measured in almost all simulators. But for some advanced parameters like smash factor, angle of attack, angle of impact or impact location. Foresight can be one of the most eligible simulator devices. 


Different golf simulators offer different features. a budget-friendly golf simulator won’t allow all types of software that include practice mode as well as game improvement mode. So first, determine what level of player you are.
Foresight includes full course play, and long drives whereas SkyTrak allows target practicing in multiplayer mode. 

The Golf Club 2019 is one of the most reliable and compatible software that can be used with mevo , skytrak and another simulator. It is highly customizable with different courses, online events and multiplayer modes. 

E6 Connect can be assembled with SkyTrak, FlightScope, Uneekor, and Vista. It comes with more than 90 golf courses. To connect with SkyTrak, you will need its game improvement plans. Its pc version is more widely used than its ios version. 

Uneekor Refine has five game modes including  Stroke Play, Course Practice, Driving Range, Short Game Complex, and Challenge. 


If there is no dedicated place or you need to move your simulator more often look for launch monitor that is easily retractable. In this case, you should not choose a fixed launch monitor. instead of this practice with a golf net. On the other hand, if you have a larger space or specific room for your golf simulator go for widescreen with a full setup. 


It is another crucial factor in choosing a golf simulator, considering your demands. It is obvious that you will get as much as you spend in regard to hardware and software. Performance, quality, and graphics won’t be the same. 

In this article, we have reviewed the top ten golf simulators for every skill level and budget. So take a look upward to check the golf simulators to find your preferred one.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a golf simulator and a golf net? 

A golf simulator projects all golf data including the ball data and club data. Metrics such as club speed, ball speed, smash factor, ball spin, club path and club face angle are displayed on the screen. A golf net is a simple and minimal tool to hold your golf ball. It is also cheaper.    

Is it worth it to invest in a golf simulator? 

If you are serious and passionate about your golf performance and want to improve yourself, go for it without any doubt. This will add a new dimension to your practice. A simulator will keep track of your all golf data after every strike.   

What is the required room space for setting up a golf simulator? 

A minimum of 10’*10’*8.5’ is required to set up a golf simulator. But for better experience place your golf simulator in a room of 12 feet in height, 12 feet in width and 10 feet in depth. 

Are golf simulators accurate? 

A golf simulator can project 85–90% accurate results. If you can set up the whole package properly, there will be the least error.  

How many people can play on simulator at once? 

A simulator can accommodate up to four players at once.   


Once you have decided to buy a golf simulator for your home, bar, golf club or driving range, you must know which one to buy within your budget for the best performance. The top 8 golf simulators reviewed in this article will definitely meet your inquiry. After buying the simulator you will find the article How to set a diy golf simulator really helpful. So take your clubs and lets get ready for the next swing. 

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