8 Best Golf Simulator Impact Screens And Enclosures- 2023 Reviews And Buying Guide

Getting an indoor setup with a life-size screen projecting crisp and super clear images of your favorite golf course will make your day. Good quality, heavy enclosures not only protect your room but also keep the balls within the striking area. 

So, if you’re thinking about installing a golf simulator in your home, bar, or business, a good impact screen and enclosures could make or break the deal. You will experience a better virtual golf course when you can’t have it for real! 

Improving performance or enjoying a pastime—whatever the purpose is, it requires a smooth and tight screen. The efficiency of a golf simulator impact screen depends on its material, size, impact resistance, budget, and many other factors. 

This article has brought you the 8 best golf simulator impact screens and enclosures to help you make the right choice. Let’s check them out. A comprehensive buying guide is also provided to make your purchase smart!

8 Best Golf Simulator Impact Screens And Enclosures Review

1. SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure

Best Golf Simulator Impact Screens And Enclosures

The Sig10 golf simulator enclosure has become the top choice due to its durability, functionality, and supremacy. Its tightly knitted woven material will project the golf courses and the metrics with an HD quality, clear, and bright view. The screen can withstand golf ball bumps up to 250 mph. 

Sig10 comes with a full package of assembly tools, along with a weight strip for the bottom line and side barrier netting to provide more coverage. 

Supporting a 4:3 aspect ratio, the impact screen can feature images that fill in 100% of the screen. The screen is nearly 11″ wide and can easily fit into a standard room, even if the room is not more than 9 feet in height.



SIG10 is a standard-size golf simulator impact screen. The full enclosure is 10’10″ wide, while the screen is 10’1″ wide and 7’7″ high. The screen will allow a 4:3 image view, which is preferable to most golfers.


The impact screen is made of polyester. The thick layer, tight knitting, and double-stitched black vinyl edges confirm its toughness and durability. The touch screen can withstand golf ball strikes up to 250 mph without any tearing.

To protect your side walls, side barrier netting will help. The sandbags attached to the net ensure a tight hold so that the nets can catch the wrongly served golf balls.


The powder-coated steel frames are easy to install with color-coded poles. After assembling the poles, attach the screen with ball bungees. The entire setup won’t take more than an hour in total.


The SIG10 golf simulator enclosure won’t require much space to set up. The minimum required dimension is 12 feet wide, 9 feet high, and 18 feet deep. This width and height will protect your longest club swing. It won’t hit your ceiling.  

Final thought 

To use inside or outside SIG10 can be the best choice for a premium experience. If you don’t have a limited budget consider this impact screen and enclosure to assist your golf performance. 

2. SWINGBAY Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure

SWINGBAY is an addition to  Rain or Shine Golf’s golf equipment line.  It has been developed on the basis of feedback from hundreds of their past golf simulator customers. Because of its built-in quality, ease of installation, and affordability in comparison to other impact screens and enclosures, this golf simulator screen and the enclosure has become top-listed. 

A premium quality large screen, solid framing, and side barrier netting for extra safety featuring a commercial grade golf simulator impact screen and enclosure within budget. 



The impact screen is 7′ 3″ tall and 9′ 8″ wide, comparatively smaller than SIG10. But the quality has not been compromised. The screen is optimized to project 4:3 images. Commercial grade polyester screens are tightly woven to provide better quality projection.  It can withstand golf ball strikes up to 250 mph. 

High-quality images

The side and upper walls included in this product are manufactured so that they can eliminate outer light to make the images more clear. It keeps images from blurring on the screen.  also protects walls from missed shots. Though some light has been blocked by the side and upper walls, we recommend you use a projector with at least 3000+ lumens for better images.

Framing installation 

8′ x 10’5″ x 4’8″ deep framing can be assembled easily. You can adjust the tightness using bungee cords. You can fasten the screen for a flat and tight surface. But loosen the bungees if the golf balls give dangerous bouncebacks. 

Finding an impact screen, including enclosures within a budget may get difficult. In this case, SwingBay will provide you with a high-quality golf experience along with the right accessories. 

3. Perfectbay enclosures

The Perfectbay enclosure, a premium quality golf simulator impact screen and enclosure, has been introduced by Topshelf Golf.  According to the price, this is extremely durable and well-equipped. Golfers desiring a golf room in their home or club will find it suitable.  

The 10’5″ width by 8′ height by 5″ deep enclosure provides a large space for your longest swing. Side walls and top shed keep the golf ball within a space and protect your walls and the furniture in that room. Weight bags are assembled to keep the side netting in place.

Also, the shedding around the screen from the sides and top prevents external light, which can make the screen display dull images. 

The impact screen is made of 3 layered, tight-knit polyester. It won’t tear even after thousands of strikes, having a speed of up to 250 miles per hour. The smooth fabric assures high-quality image projection. Because it has a cushioned center layer, it can eliminate noise after strikes.

The screen is optimized to show images in the 4:3 aspect ratio. It also features 100% image filling. Black nylon enclosures surround the screen and make the screen and enclosure fit properly with the EMT  pipes and steel corner fittings. There remains no space around the screen for the ball to pass through.

More information 

  • There are also different screens in the Perfectbay line. 
  • PerfectbayPLUS: 12’W x 9’H x 5’D footprint, 164″ screen diagonal.
  • Project images in a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • PerfectbayWIDE: 13.5′ W x 8′ H x 5′ D footprint, 177″ diagonally.
  • The widescreen project’s images in a 16:9 aspect ratio

Though these are the same in features, consider the PerfectbayWIDE to assist your golf practice if you have no issues with space. The life-size wide screen will enhance the realism of the virtual courses. 

4. Carl’s Place DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure

Carl’s Place is the best option for a DIY golf simulator impact screen and enclosure. They offer different screen materials, framing kits, enclosures, and other optional accessories that can be customized.

You can also customize your golf enclosure to the inch if you want to have control over it. As you can choose what you need, you do not need to pay extra for redundant accessories. Carl’s Place has designed its products to be customized, not compromised. 

Additional information

Available screen

Standard impact screen: Comparatively loosely woven, best for beginners or first-timers to practice with a budget-friendly golf simulator impact screen.

Preferred impact screen: 100% heavy-duty polyester made, tightly woven, smooth screen surface that offers better image quality.  It can be used for a more realistic experience at home or for light commercial uses.

Premium impact screen: The best image quality is ensured on the smoothest surface. 3 layer impact-resistant polyester construction confirms the most durability. Professional golfers appreciate this product’s noise-canceling capabilities.

You can pick your affordable nylon enclosure from the following dimensions:

7.7’x10′, 7.7’x13′, 8’x8′, 8’x10.5′, 8.5’x11.5′, and 9’x12′ 

You can purchase additional accessories from here to assemble with your Carl’s Place to enhance your golfing time. 

Additional accessories include 

Pipe framing kit: Pre-cut pipes that are the exact lengths required to install the frame. 

Foam insert kit: these pads will keep your frame protected. 

Side netting barriers: You can purchase extended netting barriers to provide additional protection for your room and keep it from any damages caused by any mishaps. 

Hitting mat: You can choose from a wide range of hitting mats. There are various options for premium hitting mats that are realistic, durable, affordable, and shock-absorbing.  

Carl’s Place will give you a lot of options to choose from so that you can make a perfect DIY golf simulator impact screen and enclosure.

5. SIGPRO™ Premium

The Indoor Golf Shop has introduced us to SIGPRO Premium, the newest addition to their golf simulator impact screen and enclosure, which took several months to develop. After that, it confirmed the best performance according to the unbiased data of golf consumers. Golfers who are looking for a DIY golf simulator enclosure will find it suitable indoors. 

Heavy-duty polyester screen, premium finishing, reduced bounceback, and minimum noise have made this impact screen the industry’s most popular impact screen on the market. 

Let’s have a look at its features 


Commercial-grade, tightly knitted polyester construction provides a smooth surface to allow for more clear, bright, and crisp images. The screen can project images up to 4K quality without any pixelation or grainy effect.

The durability of SIGPRO Premium is beyond doubt. It can withstand golf ball strikes up to 250 mph. Because of the vertical spacers in the middle layer, the three-layered surface can absorb impact after every strike. 

So the reduced bounce back is assured. This cushioned middle layer can also absorb and dampen the noise after the golf ball strikes the screen. 

The impact screen comes in different sizes up to 10″ by 10″. They can project images in a 4:3 aspect ratio as well as a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you need more space, get the 7-inch x 7-inch impact screen. Or take the bigger one if you want a wider display that projects pictures in a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio. 

Heavy-duty loop and hook velcro will allow you to add on enclosures or golf nets for maximum security. Double-stitched black vinyl edges on the perimeter extend the longevity of this product. 

The screen is designed to transfer the impact of golf ball strikes evenly across the entire screen. That’s why the screen is not prone to tearing. You can pick the SIGPRO Premium if you are searching for an affordable but premium-quality golf simulator impact screen.  

6. The Net Return Pro Series V2 Flex Golf Simulator Screen

It is one of the most affordable golf simulator screens, providing high-performance and high-impact simulation. You can turn your Pro Series golf net into a simulator screen easily. Compatibility with any golf simulation software and projector will help you experience premium projection.

The new version of the Pro Series features grommets on all four corners so that you can use bungee cords to fasten the screen. Not only that, the velcro straps on the lower corners will be attached to the sidebars or frames for a tighter screen.   

More to know 

This screen is made of heavy-weight polyester to extend its durability. It will stand up to thousand strikes over time. But remember to use a smooth-edged golf ball. A harsh and rough ball may cause damage to your screen. Set your projector to get a view using a 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:9 to utilize the space properly. 

You will enjoy more features of this screen- 

  • Clear, bright, and crisp images without pixelation.
  • Heavy-duty material can withstand thousands of golf strikes. 
  • Minimum bounces back and impacts noise. 

Things to consider 

This purchase includes only the impact screen.  no golf simulator projector, software, or the Pro Series Net is included here. But if you want to purchase a full golf simulator kit click on this link 

As the white screen comes folded in the box it may get smudged, wrinkles and creases. Use medium setting iron to remove any wrinkles. 

7. Golfbays simulator Enclosures

Golfbays impact screen is available in six different sizes. You can choose from Lite, Pro or Pro Plus. This screen is reliable for professionals as well as newbies. The smoother and finer surface projects better HD-quality pictures. This purchase can be your best option as an impact screen, projection screen, or baffle net. 


Quality HD images 

100% polyester fabric made screen is smooth and uniquely woven. The tightly woven fabrics are designed to provide a crystal clear view projecting in a 4:3 aspect ratio. You won’t be able to tell the difference between this and a real golf course.  

Absorbs high impact and noise

Another feature of this screen is its high impact resistance and noise absorption after the ball strikes it. It can withstand golf strikes up to 250 mph. Thousands of strikes are possible. A densely woven screen can lessen the impact after every bump.

Durable and strong golf netting 

Though the screen is single-layered, this has not compromised its durability. The Golfbays can withstand even the most ferocious strikes. You can flip or turn the screen to use it over time. Being water-resistant, you can also use this outside. 

Easy to assemble 

The screen consists of eyelets every 8″ on all four sides. So you can tie bungee cords around the frame to assemble the screen.  It won’t take long to set this up. 

Golfbays have become popular for their affordability as well as their variety. The screen has a single layer to provide comfort to beginners, while professionals choose a three-layered premium screen. Any launch monitor or golf simulator software is compatible with it.

8. aikeec Golf Simulator Impact Screen

Aikeec is another top option for golfers because of its high quality and upgraded features.  The thickly layered screen is evenly strong and thickened all around. heavyweight fabrics on the edges make the screen more strong. It can be hung or tied by using bungee cords, zip ties, hooks, or ropes through the 14 grommets added on all four sides. Aikeec performs at its highest level both inside and outside.


The screen allows the least backlight bleeding, having been produced with high-quality, heavy-duty polyester. The extra-white screen projects super-clear, high-definition images. The top layer is smooth and tight to avoid any pixelation on the screen. 

The tightly knitted polyester screen is extremely strong and can withstand fast golf strikes. It can absorb the impact very well. To dampen the noise, aikeec has upgraded the noise reduction holes over the screen. 

The screen is highly compatible with any world-class golf simulator like OptiShot or SkyTrak. Being water-resistant, flame-retardant, and easily washable, you can hang this screen outdoors as well as indoors. Because it can be attached to a motorized retractable arm, you can pull it out of the way when not in use.

If there is a stain on the screen, it can be hung in any direction due to its squareness.    

Maintenance tips 

There may be some creases on the fabrics as they come folded. Use steam iron prior to use 

You are recommended to use a net panel behind the screen to get better baffles and more durability. 

Facts You Should Know Before Buying An Enclosure ( Buying Guide) 


Before buying an enclosure, you should consider where you want it to be set. The dimensions of the room should be at least 12 feet by 12 feet by 10 feet in order to set up an enclosure. This much space is required to assemble the impact screen and enclosure,  bounce back, and keep a minimum of space between the screen and wall. 

If you don’t have enough space to set up a life-size screen, go for a smaller one. For details on the details of spacing, check the link. 

Aspect ratio and size 

Aspect ratio refers to the ratio of image size projected on the screen. 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1 are the most common screen ratios. 16:9 is best for wider spaces. It projects HD or 4K images with more details. The 16:9 impact screen will offer a real golf course experience. 

4:3 is widely used for indoor setup. It will give a taller projection and require a smaller screen than a 16:9 enclosure. It is more popular to use inside as well as outside. 

Another is the 1:1 ratio. It shows the same image in both length and width. It should be mentioned that no screen comes with this ratio. You need to fix this by adjusting the settings of your projector. It may also hamper the screen resolution. 

If you want to experience the best real-time golf course and a crystal-clear image, and there are no limitations for space, go for a 16:9 screen. Otherwise, it would be better to purchase a screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3.


In general, nylon mesh or polyester mesh is used to manufacture commercial-grade screens. Premium screens will offer you clear, bright, and smooth images. 

Polyester fabrics are easy to carry. Despite the thickly woven screen, it is stain and wrinkle-resistant. Different materials, the number of layers, and the quality of the stitches make a difference in the overall quality. 

A polyester-mesh, triple-layered screen can be the best option for a premium experience. 


Bounceback happens when a high-speed ball strikes the screen. If the screen is attached to the frame with higher tension, the ball will bounce back at a high speed. A stretchy screen can lessen the speed so that your furniture can avoid damage. 

To reduce a speedy bounceback, the screen can be set with less tension. You can use bungee cords to assemble it with a frame. Make sure there is enough distance from the wall. 

Noise reduction 

Choose three-layered screens or cushioned in the middle layer to reduce noise. 3 layered screens consist of vertical spacers that are sandwiched by high-quality polyester fabrics. It can absorb the impact of strikes and dampen the noise.  

Picture quality 

Picture quality depends on the weave of the fabrics. The tighter weave reflects the image more brightly. The poorly woven screen may not project the course clearly. The dull and blurred picture can ruin the golf experience. If you set the impact screen in an enclosed area, you will experience a better course view. A 16:9 screen can display images in 4K and HD quality on a large screen. 

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What can I use as a golf simulator impact screen?

Polyester mesh is commonly used as a golf simulator impact screen. It is durable and can dampen noise smoothly. A tightly woven screen can project the course view in high resolution.

How far from the wall should a golf impact screen be?

Make sure there is a minimum of 1 foot (12 inches) of space between the wall and the screen. Otherwise, the high-speed golf ball may cause damage to your wall.   

How tight should the impact screen be?

Assemble the screen to frame that it stands flat. If it’s too tight, increased bounceback will raise a safety issue. Again, if the screen is not tight enough, it will require more buffer space after hitting the screen. 

What can I do to lessen the impact of screen bounceback? 

Place the impact screen in the room with a minimum of 12 to 15 inches of buffer space, adjust the bungees on both sides of the screen, purchase an impact screen with a full enclosure kit, and install them properly. 

How long does a golf simulator impact screen last?

Actually, it depends on your screen quality, frequency of usage, and maintenance. If you are a medium-level player and do not use the golf simulator impact screen so frequently, it will last more than one year. To protect your screen from damage, avoid golf balls with rough edges. 

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Nowadays, golf simulator setups have become more accessible due to their affordability. A variety of setups and equipment have made this possible. Even a lucrative large market has grown based on indoor golf setup kits.

Getting a golf simulator impact screen with high quality, affordability, low noise, and impact resistance is a bit tough. But we have made this easier here by explaining the details of the top 8 golf simulator impact screens and enclosures. 

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