12 Best Golf Push Carts(2023 Reviews And Buying Guide)

As you must know, the 18-hole golf course covers about four kilometers. That’s why you need to carry all the golf equipment. Carrying all its golf equipment for such a long distance becomes difficult. If you carry them around on your shoulders, you may get complications in your shoulders or arms. So you may alternatively rent a golf cart or carry it yourself.

Now if you want the best solution for this, we suggest you buy a golf push cart. It holds all your golf equipment and allows you to walk across the golf course. Walking will strengthen your body’s fitness and allow you to take better shots.

A golf push cart is valuable for any golfer looking to walk on the course and carry their clubs with ease. The best golf push carts are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and feature ample storage space for all your golfing essentials. With so many options available on the market, it can take time to determine which push cart is right for you.

Each golfer has specific preferences and needs when choosing a golf push cart. The CaddyTek 3-wheel push cart is a great option overall. Still, several other options are available to suit your specific needs better.

We’ve done an in-depth look at the best golf push carts on the market today and selected the top 12 of all time. Our reviews and guides are 100% authentic. So you can feel free to buy the equipment as per your wish. Let’s take a look.

Best Golf Push Cart Overall

CaddyTek 3-Wheel Push Cart

Caddytek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

The CaddyTek 3-wheel push cart is a great option for those who want a high-quality, strongest, and feature-rich push cart. The main advantage of this cart is its ease of folding, which can be done with just the click of a button. It becomes a compact size of 5 x 14.4 x 28.4 inches (12.7 x 36.5 x 72.1 cm), making it easy to store in the trunk of your car or during the off-season.

The cart is also lightweight, weighing only 18.5 pounds (8.4 kg), making it easy to push around the course, even with a heavier cart bag. The frame is durable, providing a sturdy base for your clubs. The CaddyTek cart is available in four colors: Blue, Dark Gray, Lime, and Silver.

The cart also features a mesh basket at the bottom for storing oversized items like shoes or drinks, storage at the top for your phone or GPS device, and a handle pocket for extra balls and tees.


  • A patented one-click button that makes it easy to fold
  • Strong aluminum frame and adjustable handle
  • Easy-to-use foot brake 


  • Wheels flexibility could be easy

Final verdict

The CaddyTek 3-wheel push cart is a great option for those looking for a high-quality, feature-rich push cart at a reasonable price. The only downside is that the wheels could be more flexible.

Most Maneuverable And Budget-Friendly Golf Push Cart

JEF WORLD OF GOLF Deluxe Push Cart

The JEF World of Golf push cart is a great option for those looking for budget-friendly and maneuverability. This push cart is very stylish in its black and silver color. The color combination gives it a professional and modern look that impresses. The black and silver color may also match most golfers’ outfits and make them look coordinated.

Its lightweight design makes it easy for anyone to use. The cart also comes with a clip that keeps your clubs in place, which is easy to remove when the round is over.

The cart also features a wide bottom that will accommodate larger bags and a scorecard holder at the top of the push cart that makes it easy to track your score. The holder is waterproof so that you can use it in any weather. The cart is also easy to push with one hand, which allows you to write or grab a drink with the other.


  • Lightweight and maneuvers easily
  • Easy mobility on the course
  • Waterproof scorecard holder


  • When folded, the cart can be tippy with a bag of clubs in it
  • A golf bag can slip off the cart when lifting it into a car

Final verdict:

The JEF World of Golf push cart is a great option for you if a budget-friendly option. That is easy to transport and push on the course home. You may be grateful to the manufacturer for its lightweight and fold-up ability. 

Best Folding Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 4.0

The Clicgear Model 4.0 is a great option for those who have limited space and are looking for a folding push cart that is easy to store and transport. The cart folds down to a compact size of 13″ x 15″ x 24″, making it easy to fit in your trunk or store in a small space. The cart is also lightweight, weighing only 21 pounds, making it easy to push or carry.

It also has various color options like black, blue, lime green, silver, Red, and white. New straps are much improved than the previous click gear 3.5 version. Additionally, the Clicgear 4.0 has more features, such as a built-in storage console, storage net, umbrella and drink holder, and a hand parking brake, making it a convenient and functional investment for your golf collection.


  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • Abundant storage to keep all you need
  • Very easy to fold
  • Simple parking hand brake


  • Not suitable for the casual user
  • The material could be more vigorous

Final verdict

The Clicgear Model 4.0 is an ideal choice for those looking for a compact, feature-rich, functional, and convenient size. All you need is the Clicgear cart is perfect for you.

Best Luxurious And Expensive Motorized Golf Push Cart

Cart-Tek Electric Push Cart 

The Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart is a high-end option for those who want all the bells and whistles in a golf push cart. It features three modes of operation: remote control, trolley, and free-wheel. This push cart is customized for turning force, speed, and tracking, making it easy to maneuver. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for two rounds, so you don’t have to charge it after every use. The cart comes in four colors: Black, Gray, Silver, and White. It comes with an accessory pack with a scorecard holder, ball holder, drink holder, umbrella holder, and Caddie pak. 

Note: There is another more expensive version of this product with a two-year warranty and GRi-1500LTD (V2) Lithium Battery. Check here.


  • Pretty easy to fold up into the trunk. 
  • The battery is easy to put on and take off.
  • Adjustable handle and anti-tip wheel (if you buy any electric cart, you need these).
  • Long lasting battery, it goes 36 holes.
  • People like the looks of it; it’s sleek.


  • The remote is a bit bulky; 
  • The housing for the remote is worthless. 
  • Expensive than other push carts

Final verdict

The Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart is a premium option and is likely to be more expensive than other push carts on the market. But if you spend some money, this cart gives you features that you don’t need to look at here and there. With this push cart, you can focus on your game while it takes care of your golf bag and accessories.

Best Electric Golf Push Carts

Motocaddy M7 Remote DHC Electric Caddy ( Best Overall )

The M7 Remote Electric Golf Caddy is a highly maneuverable electric cart with an anti-tip wheel in the rear for added stability. It comes with a 2-year warranty and has a long battery life, able to run for 36 holes on a single charge. The remote control is responsive, and the cart is stable on hills. The remote control handset is rechargeable and conveniently clips to the caddy frame for easy access and storage. The cart also has a simple folding mechanism and a compact design that makes it easy to store in a trunk. 


  • Responsive remote control
  • Anti-tip wheel in the rear for added stability
  • High-rated many features
  • Easy to use


  • A bit heavy

The M7 Remote Electric Golf Caddy is a great option for you for a stable, easy-to-use electric cart with a responsive remote control.

MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy- 36-Hole Battery ( Most Maneuverable)

The MGI Zip Navigator comes with a 2-year warranty, a 24V 380Wh Lithium Battery, and a Battery Charger with purchase. It can run for up to 36 holes on a single charge. Its tight turning radius 360-degree front wheel makes it very strong. It also has added features such as resistance to tipping over and distance tracking.

The MGI Zip Navigator electric cart has a feature that allows it to keep track of your walking distance. This feature is very useful for you if you want to track how far you have walked during a round of golf. MGI Zip Series Electric Caddies are ideally suited to fit cart bags. Only some stand/carry bags are compatible. It has the ingenious advantage of Downhill Speed Control. 


  • Maneuverable and slim design
  • Easy remote control system
  • Track walking distance
  • Very strong


  • Lacks a follow mode

Best Golf Push Cart With Seat 

Tangkula Push Cart 

The Tangkula golf push/pull cart is a great option if you want to walk comfortably on the course. It has a stool that can be adjusted to make it comfortable for your height, an adjustable umbrella holder to protect you from the sun and rain, and a rubber handle for a comfortable grip. It also has a waterproof compartment for your phone and valuables. Despite having a stool, the cart is lightweight and easily folded, and the wheels can be removed. 

It can carry up to 30 pounds and has an easy-to-use foot brake and two cup holders. It comes in several colors (Gray, Green, Navy blue, and Red). You can choose whether you want a storage bag at the bottom of the cart.


  • Quality
  • Easy to fold
  • Waterproof compartment
  • Adjustable seat and handle


  • 30-pound (13.6 kg) maximum bag weight limit ( it may not be suitable for golfers with heavier bags)

Overall, this push cart offers a seat, storage bag, and umbrella holder, which greatly benefits the golf course.

Best Golf Push Cart with An Umbrella Holder

KVV 3 Wheel Push Cart

KVV 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

The KVV 3 Wheel 360 Rotating Front Wheel Foldable/Collapsible Push Cart has many benefits for your game. The main benefit is the umbrella holder, which keeps you and your clubs dry during the round. It also has an adjustable handle and two storage pouches, one by the handle and one lower by the wheels, all of which will stay dry when you have your umbrella up. The lower storage bag has a built-in cooler, and the upper bag is excellent for storing your phone and extra balls and tees.

Other features include the 360-degree swivel front wheel, which makes it easy to move the cart around wherever you need it, and the foot brake that you can use to ensure the cart does not go astray while you’re taking your shot. Overall, the KVV 3-wheel push cart is a great option for golfers looking for a pushcart with an umbrella holder and extra storage space for all your extra balls, snacks, and phone. The swivel front wheel and brake make it easy to maneuver and control the cart during the game.


  • Very well-made and designed
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Quick foot-brake system
  • Umbrella and other holders
  • Easy to use


  • Umbrella holder only ( No umbrella added )

Best Practical Golf Push Cart 

CaddyTek Explorer V8

CaddyTek Explorer V8

The CaddyTek Explorer V8 push cart is a feature-packed option for golfers. It has a lightweight aluminum construction and a one-click folding mechanism for an ultra-compact shape. The cart has a scorecard holder, storage compartment, drink holder, phone holder, mesh storage net, and an umbrella holder. 

It also has a foot brake and an adjustable handle. You can customize the width between the two front wheels for stability and accommodate various golf bags. It also comes in several colors (Dark gray, Lime, Silver) and is easy to fold. It has a compact size of 15.75 x 13.4 x 24 inches (40 x 34 x 61 cm) after folding.

Overall, this push cart offers many features that will make your round of golf more comfortable. The compact design gives you to store it in winter and your car. 


  • Lots of practical features
  • Adjustable handle height for multiple pushing Positions
  • Umbrella holder and foot brake
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn’t turn as easily as 3 wheel version

Best Lightweight Golf Push Cart

SereneLife 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart

The SereneLife 3-wheel push cart is a lightweight and convenient option for transporting golf clubs between rounds. It weighs only 18.28 pounds and can be easily folded into a compact size for storage. Despite its lightweight design, it is heavy-duty and features a braking system, storage compartment, scorecard holder, and cup holder.

In summary, the SereneLife 3-wheel push cart is a great option for those looking for a lightweight and easy-to-transport cart. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Long last
  • Holds the golf bag securely
  • Pushes and pulls easily
  • Opens and folds easily
  • Light enough to lift in and out of a car


  • Attaching the front wheel is possible, but challenging to orient it correctly
  • The front wheel does NOT swivel
  • The cup holder must be deeper and sturdy enough to stop your open drink from spilling.

Note: Someone says that the SereneLife 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart has a load capacity of 33 pounds (15 kg), which may need to be higher for some. Yes, it’s low for some who need not be lightweight. But this cart is best for you if you need lightweight and essential carry equipment. Don’t worry!

Best Premium Golf Push Cart

Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart GX

Suppose you need premium, feature-rich, and perfect for walking. In that case, The Speed Cart GX is the latest generation of Sun Mountain’s revolutionary three-wheeled push cart that is best for you. It was first introduced in 1999 and has undergone numerous updates since then. 

Its features include a redesigned handle with a larger mesh headcover tray, a built-in bracket for holding a seat or industrial sand/seed bottle holder, a mesh basket, improved upper and lower bag brackets, and easy 2-step folding. Additionally, it has a tracking system for easy adjustment when needed and a weight of 17.85 LBS. It measures 37 W x 16 H x 13 D inches when folded.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Plenty of storage


  • The umbrella holder is fixed to the handle and doesn’t allow the umbrella to be positioned as needed.

Note: If you want to invest more to get premium, then the Sun Mountain Golf Pathfinder PX3 Push Cart can be the best choice. 

Best Colorful Golf Push Cart

BagBoy Nitron Golf Push Cart

The BagBoy Nitron is a great option for those looking for a golf push cart with plenty of structural color options. It offers nine different color choices:

  • White/Black
  • White/Cobalt
  • Battleship Gray/Lime
  • Black/Red
  • Graphite/Black
  • Lime/Black
  • Navy/Red
  • Red/Black
  • Silver/Black

Other than the color options, it also includes features such as an easy-to-use one-switch folding mechanism, a light weight of 16.7 pounds (7.6 kg) for easy transport, a console at the top of the cart for storing scorecards, drinks, phone, and extra balls, and a parking brake on the handle for stability during shots. Overall, the BagBoy Nitron offers both style and convenience for your golf rounds.


  • Lots of colors
  • Simple one-step fold – Folds in seconds
  • Extra large accessory bag under scorecard console for storage
  • Handle-mounted parking brake


  • The brake only locks one wheel, so you can see that being a problem parking on a hill.


Which click gear golf push cart is best?

There are currently three models of click gear golf push carts. They are Clicgear Model 4.0+, Clicgear Model 6+, and Clicgear Model 8+. Our analysis says ClickGear Model 4.0+ is the best yet.

Is a 3 or 4-wheel golf push cart better?

A push cart is a great way to get around if you do not have a car or bike. You can use it to go to the store, the park, or even to work. There are two types of push carts: 3-wheel and 4-wheel. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a comparison of the two types of push carts.

The debate of whether a 3 or 4-wheel push cart is better has been around for a while. Proponents of both sides make valid points, but there are a few key factors that can help make the decision easier.

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Final Thoughts

When choosing a push cart, consider your budget and prioritize features that align with your needs, such as portability, storage, helpful features like scorecard holders and cup holders, and luxury features like seats and electric motors. Also, consider the cart’s durability, as it will be used on the course, and you want it to last. The CaddyTek 3-wheel push cart is a good option for those looking for a durable cart. Still, many other options are available to suit different needs and preferences.

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