10 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners 2023

Are you looking for the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners in 2023? Wondering where to get A to Z information about the beginners’ golf club? Now you can put a break to all these questions because here is your solution.

Which are the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners? Golf Clubs for beginners are designed to provide extreme forgiveness. Generally, they tend to have a larger club face and a shorter shaft, & are shaped in such a way that the ball remains in the air easily. Beginner golf clubs include mainly a driver, a hybrid club, a fairway wood, irons, and a putter.

In this review article, I’ll discuss the 10 best golf clubs for beginners. I’ll guide you to choose your perfect clubs according to your budget. I’ll also highlight some common hazards you should avoid while purchasing your first golf set.

You’ll also have the expert’s opinion to select the right clubs based on your requirements. Before I finish, I’ll address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) so that, despite being a beginner, you will be clear about picking the best clubs for you.

Are You in Hurry? Then check out the below

If you don’t have enough time to read this full article, then as a beginner, you should choose the TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Complete Set.

TaylorMade is a leading American sports equipment manufacturing company that mainly produces golf clubs, balls, & clothing.

Why should you choose the TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Set if you are a beginner?

Well, this is a complete golf club set of 13 pieces for beginner male golfers that have been made considering the distance & great performance.


Driver: Its 460cc titanium head features advanced aerodynamic shaping, which ensures faster swing speeds. Its high MOI headed pattern with speed pocket flexibility provides extreme forgiveness & optimal launch.

Irons & Hybrids: The iron’s features of a large cavity and perimeter weighting design prevent the club from twisting on off-center strikes,& make the irons extremely forgiving. The irons are exceedingly forgiving because of their big cavity and perimeter weighting design, which prevent the club from twisting on off-center strikes.

Instead of a long iron, it approaches with 4 & 5 hybrids. These hybrids are incredibly forgiving, so without any doubt, they can be a perfect choice for amateur golfers.

Fairway: The Lightweight 180cc clubhead is designed to launch with ease. Low CG inspires a higher launch, and the speed Pocket ensures more face flex & greater performance on shots struck low on the face.

Wedge: High-volume grooves for enhanced spin & control, & the C-grind sole navigates various conditions.

The rest of the set

The set is finished off with a mallet putter and a lightweight cart bag. The putter’s multi-alignment technology allows the golfers to aim with the topline, alignment dot, or cutaway channel.

The bag of this set is the essence of speed & style, featuring eight pockets with an insulated cooling pouch and a 14-way top and structured base.

Final Verdict

Overall, TaylorMade is a recognized brand for its advanced technology to this set. Now it’s the beginner’s decision if they’re in it for a long-haul flight to balance the cost.

Buying Guide for the Best Beginner’s Golf club Sets

If you are a novice golf player and don’t know what things to consider when buying clubs, you should follow these guidelines. Here are some factors you should look for when shopping for the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners.

Quality :

Quality matters greatly, and you should prioritize when choosing your beginner golf club set. The models we picked above may have poor construction and problems with the head, shaft, grip, or more.

That is why you should be quite serious about going with the topper & renowned brands from the golf industry. To exemplify, Taylormade & Callaway is the brand that ensures as much high quality as possible for beginner golfers.

Forgiveness :

Forgiveness is one of the key considerations before buying your first golf club set. The most common problem of beginner golfers has mishit shots that limit distance and obstruct accuracy. Clubs for beginners are outlined to have greater heads & sweet spots so that extra forgiveness can help beginner golfers make solid contact with the golf ball.


The fact is that “A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it.”Yes, if you know how to balance your desire & ability, then it won’t be a great deal for you.

It’s absolutely your personal preference whether you want to spend more or less to buy your beginner golf club sets. This point also connects with what comes in the set because the sets that come with bags, headcovers, and so on generally also come with a higher price.

However, cost always varies with the components of the set; sets that include an exclusive package of bags, headcovers,& so on normally remain expensive.

Our Top Picks For Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

  1. Strata Men’s Complete Golf Club Set
  2. Strata Women’s Complete Golf Club Set
  3. Wilson Profile SGI Package Golf Club Set
  4. TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Complete Set
  5. Wilson Profile Junior Golf Clubs
  6. Precise Golf 18 Piece Complete set
  7. Callaway  REVA Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)
  9. Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set
  10. Wilson’s Profile XD Teen Complete SGI Set

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Selecting a perfect set of golf clubs for beginner golfers is not child’s play. Sometimes the wrong choice can be an awful matter for you. That is why we’ve tried our best to guide you in selecting your first golf club set wisely & buying confidently.

1. Strata Men’s Complete Golf Club Set

best golf clubs for beginners

If you are a beginner searching for quality clubs, then you don’t have many options to beat the Callaway Strata Golf Club set, as this is the top-rated set for beginners.

It’s a 12-piece set of 5 irons ranging from the 6-iron to the pitching wedge. Its steel shafts with cavity-backed clubface provide greater forgiveness.

The difference between the Callaway and Strata is that the Callaway Edge golf clubs provide more accurate shots and easier hitting, so the perfect swing comes easily. On the other hand, Callaway Strata clubs’ forgiving design ensures a high flight path. If you miss the ball, still you’ll get it.

The Strata 12-piece set includes a driver, putter, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-9 iron, PW, stand bag & 2 Head Covers.

Woods: The lightweight 460cc forged driver has a large sweet spot and a titanium head, & hitting farther off the tee, gives extreme forgiveness. The vast 3 wood is also forgiving for long, high-flying shots.

Hybrid: A 5 hybrid is an excellent replacement for long irons that can handle different types of shots.

Irons: You’ll get an extraordinary combination of forgiveness & control in these stainless steel irons.

Putter: The perfect correctness is the outcome of its mallet putter with alignment that will give you the confidence to move on with your golf journey.


  • A budget-friendly option for the beginners
  • Grips are good with aligning shots.
  • Very forgiving, solid hits.


  • Without the driver, the rest of the clubs are too short.
  • Low spin, low loft, and short carry.
  • The driver needs to be sturdy.

Final Verdict

Overall, The strata set provides the highest performance right out of the box, from tee to green. Clubs of this set are a perfect combination of distance, control, and forgiveness, & also easier to hit. However, if you are concerned about the length of your clubs, they may not satisfy you.

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2. Strata Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Strata Women’s Complete Golf club Set is one of the best golf clubs for women. You’ll get all the essential clubs at an average price in this set.

The Strata 11 Piece women’s complete golf set includes Driver, 5 Hybrid, 5 Wood, 7 & 9 Iron, SW, Putter, Stand Bag, and 3 Headcovers.

Woods:  From these woods (Driver, 5 Fairway Wood, & 5 Hybrid), you’ll get a perfect combination of distance, forgiveness,& control. These traits of these clubs ensure easier hitting for beginner ladies.

Putter: A mallet putter with alignment provides incredible accuracy.

Irons: Irons are made of stainless steel,& very forgiving with extreme control. 

Stand Bag: Comes with five right pockets, an additional cooler pocket, a rain hood, and a backpack strap system. Though its weight is light, it is very long-lasting.


  • Super lightweight
  • The driver has a pretty good sweet spot
  • The driver strikes the ball with great force


  • Poor quality control
  • Shafts are too short
  • scratch and ding easily

Final Verdict

Overall, If you are a female & a beginner, then it is recommended for you. You’ll certainly be impressed considering the distance from the driver, woods & hybrids, as well as controls from the irons.

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3.Wilson Profile SGI Package Golf Club Set

Wilson Profile SGI is a perfect club set for beginners. The term “SGI” stands for super game improvement. It refers to the low rear weighting of the 460cc driver that improves the swing speed and increases distance & accuracy.

The Profile SGI club set includes a driver, 6 – 9 irons, 5-wood, 5 hybrid, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, and golf bag.

SGI is an acronym for super game improvement.  It alludes to the low rear weighting of the 460cc driver that increases distance & accuracy and boosts the swing speed.

The Profile SGI club set includes a driver,  5-wood, 5 hybrid, 6 – 9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, and golf bag.

Driver: The oversized 460cc driver head will ensure your hitting off the tee. Extremely forgiving for the golfers who struggle to find the middle of the club face.

Irons: The low CG of the irons helps beginner golfers improve their accuracy without sacrificing distance. The clubs are a combination of graphite and nylon. 

Wedges: The steel shafts of the wedges offer higher control as you become closer to the green.

Putter: The putter has a classical bladed design with a polymer insert that will give you a soft feel when putting.


  • Grips on all clubs stick well to the hand and are comfortable
  • The putter is easy to line up
  • Woods and the irons provide good distance.


  • drivers feel a bit cheap & not stylish
  • Clubs aren’t durable compared to others

Final Verdict

Overall, The Wilson Profile SGI complete sets are an excellent option for beginner golfers at a great price. If the driver and woods are good, the irons and wedges are exceptional, as beginner golfers will have excellent experience with these clubs for many years.

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4. TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Complete Set

As I’ve already reviewed this club set at the beginning of my writing, I’ll not tell much here. If needed, you can scroll up and see. However, being honest, I’d like to focus on the reasons to buy this set,& also why you should avoid it.


  • Very good distance with minimal effort
  • Good set composition
  • Would fit all abilities


  • Not super durable

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5. Wilson Profile Junior Golf Clubs

Wilson Profile Junior Golf Clubs have been popular for a long time. These clubs are specially designed for children from 11 to 14 years old. Considering the budget, the Wilson Profile Set is the best junior set among many.

These junior golf clubs are built applying standard materials that can withstand the rigors of junior golfers getting to grips with their game. The larger clubheads of these clubs help beginner juniors to create an exact impact on the golf ball.

Driver: The driver’s 350cc may not be the largest in this category, but for its low center of gravity, junior golfers can keep the ball in the air for longer.

Fairway woods: Fairway woods are aptly lofted to get the ball into the air, as does the hybrid with its great sweet spot.

Wedge: The heavy sole of the wedge lessens sidespin with improved accuracy and a high spin for the softer landing shots.

Putter: A toe-weighted putter with alignment assistance allows the pre-teen to enhance accuracy and hole more putts.

Stand bag: Stand bag’s padded straps help the juniors carry the clubs around the course without causing discomfort.


  • irons and wedges are pretty forgiving
  • Good value for the money
  • The bag isn’t heavy,& easy to carry


  • Too short
  • Not well suited for ages more than 8.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Wilson Profile junior golf clubs are a combo package of history, quality, and affordability, so these clubs are an excellent option for your juniors.

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6. Precise Golf 18 Piece Complete set

In terms of providing service, Precision Golf performs flawlessly with custom fitting and superb build quality. Most importantly, they can read your mind as you’ll get what you want from these clubs. They’ll advise you accordingly.

Compared to other sets in this review article, this isn’t so straightforward to buy a great value set of beginner clubs with a high-performing driver. 

However, This set comes with a titanium driver, 3-wood and 5-wood, a hybrid, 7 golf irons, a putter, & with a stand bag.

Driver: Great Titanium Driver and a big “Sweet Spot” to hit bombs off the tee!

Woods: Very forgiving. It will give you Excellent options for hitting high-flying shots off the fairway.

Wedges: The pitching and sand wedge will give you great options for chipping and pitching around the green.

Hybrid: A perfect substitute for long runs means easy to hit & not frustrating.

Irons: The large cavity back design of the irons makes them forgiving and helps get your shots up in the air. These irons are mainly made for long & Controlled Shots.

Putter: Lightweight Blade Styleputter With Alignment System will provide a nice club to learn to putt with.

Stand Bag: The stand bag is smart enough; before showing any wear and tear, it’ll give you at least a 100-round.


  • Amazing performance, awesome grip, & excellent craftsmanship
  • Help to improve the score
  • Provide ultimate distance & performance.


  • Drivers cost a lot of money.
  • Clubs are short.

Final Verdict:

In summary, this is an excellent golf club set for beginner golfers; however, remember that your driver may need the replacement at some point in your golfing journey.

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7. Callaway  REVA Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)

The new Callaway REVA is for the lady golfers who are beginners but want to increase their distance, launch the ball higher, and have lots of fun out on the course. Not only does this set promote longer and straighter shots, but it is also easy to hit with an oversized construction, ensuring the rules of golf.

This set comes with a driver, three wood, 5 and 6 hybrids, 7-9 irons, a pitching and sand wedge, and a putter. It also includes a cart bag and five headcovers.

Driver: Driver performs extraordinarily with a high launch and ball flight,& gives an intensive feel.

Irons: The large cavity back-designed irons help with mishits. These are outstanding, considering stability and forgiveness. You can easily operate these clubs.

Fairway Wood: Very convenient to hit with a high-flying ball flight.

Putter: The main reason for being one of the best women’s golf sets is its putter, which includes an innovative lab shaft. This shaft will enhance the pace & consistency of your stroke.

Golf Bag & Head Covers: The premium and functional bag and head covers have fulfilled the set.


  • Premium quality clubs and bag
  •  feels light to swing 


  • Wedges are not versatile
  • Irons feel firm

Final Verdict:

Overall, it’s a perfect golf club set for beginners to make the game easier

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Cobra Fly-XL SPEED PACKAGE SET is a  premium option for beginners golfers. It came in 2021 after the stunning success of the Cobra Xl .The term XL stands for “extra long”  means it can travel more than the ordinary ones.

This set Includes a Driver, 3 and 5 Fairway Wood, 6-SW Irons, 4 and 5 Hybrid, Putter and Cart Bag.You’ll get everything that need to head straight to the course with the Cobra Fly-XL Complete Set.

Instead of using steel ,The irons (6-SW) are made with graphite shafts, which make them lightweight so that the balls can be launched easily. Other clubs are also lightweight and forgiving .The trolley bag  also maintains high quality , but  you’ll need to invest to put it on. 


  • High quality clubs from a premium brand
  •  Lightweight & easily operated irons with extreme forgiveness.


  •  Need to invest in a cart for the bag
  • Wedges don’t offer control when chipping.

Final Verdict:

Overall, it’s a fantastic premium beginning set perfect for the novice golfers who plans to play golf for a while and wants some top-notch clubs to match their aspirations in the golf.

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9. Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

The Aspire XD1 set is not a poor choice for beginner golfers if they think of the budget. This set has a titanium driver ideal for hitting shots off the tee. This set’s fairway wood and hybrid are for hitting long shots off the ground. It also includes 5 irons with a putter and a stand bag.

Driver: The driver is the most amazing club in this set. It features a 460cc head made of titanium. The driver allows a lot of flex in the face, which increases the ball’s speed.

Irons: All irons have a large cavity back design that helps get the ball up in the air and keep those miss-hit shots as straight as possible. The large cavity back design of irons helps get the ball higher in the air and keep those miss-hit shots as direct as possible

Pitching wedge: The nice and pronounced leading edge of the pitching wedge lessens the disappointment of not having the sand wedge in this set. This wedge ensures popping the ball up in the air & landing dead on the green.

Putter: A mallet-style putter has an impressive look featuring a large head that will help you when aiming your putts.

The irons, putter, and bag are ideal for a beginner getting into the game. For a novice starting out in the golf,the irons,putter,& a bag are ideal. The driver, fairway wood, and hybrid are also good; however, as you improve, consider replacing them.


  • Lightweight and has all the necessary clubs for starting.
  •  Extremely generous driver.
  • All the wood shafts are made of graphite.


  •  Bag is cheap
  • Irons could be more workable.

Final Verdict:

Considering the budget, you may select this set, but it sacrifices the quality compared to the Callaway Strata and the Wilson Profile SGI.

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10. Wilson’s Profile XD Teen Complete SGI Set

Wilson Profile XD is designed for teen swing characteristics to produce maximum distance and a rewarding experience for beginners. This nicely packaged deal, which consists of SGI clubs, is a great option at this low price.

The Large 460cc Driver is engineered with super game technology to increase the new golfer experience. The driver’s shaft is made of graphite,& the fairway wood and 5-hybrid are solid with a nylon-blend uniflex shaft. Each club has a weather grip and an enforced tip. This innovative design strengthens and corrects typical teen swinging behaviors.

The set comes with weighted 431 stainless steel irons from 6 to 9. The pretty low CG of these clubs helps teens achieve accuracy. The calibrated pitching and sand wedge help teenagers out of sand traps and difficult terrain more quickly.

The face-balanced putter has an easy grip alignment function that will help land your putt.

The top-notch, lightweight bag is ideal for teens exploring the links. The design of the shoulder straps helps to balance the carrying weight.


  • Great flex for younger players.
  • Engineering conveys accuracy and distance
  • Lightweight carry bag


  • The product sells out frequently.

Final Verdict:

Overall, this is a perfect choice for beginners. The bag is fashionable and easy to carry. So, It can be a nice pick for you.

Common hazards to avoid:

  • The brand name might not always work, so analyze it thoroughly before buying.
  • Don’t buy every club on offer; focus on your need.
  • Don’t start purchasing top-of-the-range golf clubs.
  • Don’t pick the club abruptly whose shaft doesn’t suit you, as it varies widely.
  • Not every grip is the same, so ensure you get it right.
  • Don’t go for the long drive if you are a beginner; rather, select the shorter one.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by an eye-catching advertisement; instead, focus on your strength & weakness.

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FAQS of Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

What is the easiest golf club to hit for beginners?

The Cobra Fly XL, Cobra F-Max, Callaway Edge & Taylormade are very forgiving golf clubs for beginners. Considering the lower price point, The Callaway Strata Complete set & Tour Edge Package are also very forgiving. 

What are the 3 most used golf clubs?

The putter, wedges, & driver.

What club should a beginner start with?

Initially, you need not start with so many; rather, you can start with a driver having a large sweet spot, a putter, and a sand wedge.

Is Stiff shaft better for beginners?

A regular shaft is easy to handle, so you can opt for it, but a stiff shaft is for the experienced ones.

Do I need a 5-iron as a beginner?

Golfers who can hit their 7 iron more than 150 yards only should carry a 5 iron.

What irons should I buy as a beginner?

Even though you can get lots of different numbered irons, as a beginner, you should go for 6-9 numbered irons to gradually improve your game. The higher number of irons makes it easy to loft the ball into the air.

How far should a beginner golfer hit a 7-iron?

For beginner men golfers, 100 yards, and 60 yards for beginner women golfers.

What’s the difference between buying a complete set & buying clubs individually? 

Purchasing a complete golf club set as a beginner might be a cost-effective starting point that will help you develop your game as you go. On the other hand, if you are concerned about your budget and freedom, you can buy different clubs independently that better suit your game.

What are the 14 clubs in beginners golf bag?

A driver, a lob wedge, wedge, a gap wedge,2 hybrid or a 3 wood,3& 9 irons, a putter. Also, bear in mind that these aren’t fixed. You can change your club by thinking of your strength & weakness.

Should a beginner get clubs fitted?

All golfers need it regardless of their level, as it will boost accuracy & distance, and a club fitted to your swing will optimize the ball flight.

How much should I spend on golf clubs as a beginner?

Spending more than $50-$200 on golf clubs as a beginner isn’t a wise decision because, at your basic level, you won’t need more than 8-10 clubs.

Should beginners use graphite shafts?

Yes, as it is lighter, it’ll help you generate faster club speed to help aid in overall distance.

Should a beginner use a 4 iron?

No, beginners shouldn’t use 2,3, or 4 iron as they’ve low lofts & also difficult to strike the middle of the clubface.

Does golf club size matter for beginners?

Yes, the right golf club size will help you become a better golfer, while the wrong size will have the exact opposite effect.

Final Thoughts

I hope  you’ve got all the necessary information regarding the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners in this article. Although there are many great options for buying beginner sets, the ten  options on this list are ideal, and will all serve you well.  You’ll also find many options for buying beginner sets, but the ten options mentioned above from this article’s list are ideal and will serve your purpose in golf sports.

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